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10 Best Adjustable Kettlebells in 2017

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If you want to incorporate weight-bearing strength exercises into your workout routine in the comfort of your own home but you don’t have space for a ton of exercise equipment, you may find yourself looking for an adjustable kettlebell. An adjustable kettlebell adds versatility to your strength workouts because you can adjust the weight to make it heavier or lighter throughout the workout. To help you find the best adjustable kettlebell that suits your exercise needs, we have compiled a list of the 10 best adjustable kettlebells costing between $20 to $150 and included their features, uses, and recommendations.

10. Empower Kettlebell

Empower Kettlebell

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The first on our list of best adjustable kettlebells is the Empower Kettlebell. This kettlebell features an ergonomically designed handle and the ability to switch between 5, 8, and 12 pounds by twisting and clicking each weight into place. This makes it an option for someone who needs lighter weights, though customers also write that this also makes for a solid beginner’s kettlebell.
Purchase of this kettlebell also includes an instructional DVD and workout guide. Shipping is only included in the price for customers with an Amazon Prime membership.

9. PKB Portable Kettlebell Set

PKB Portable Kettlebell Set

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As advertised, this kettlebell (which resembles a canvas bag) from PKB is highly portable. To achieve your desired weight, you fill the empty kettlebell as much as you want with whatever materials you have on hand. However, purchase doesn’t include an inner bladder, so if you want to fill it with water, you have to purchase this as an add-on.
The handles are flexible and smooth, meaning they won’t damage your hands if you don’t use gloves. Shipping is not included in the price, but PKB promises a full refund on returns.

8. Rocketlok 14-20 Kettlebell

Rocketlok 14-20 Kettlebell

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The Rocketlok kettlebell is a bit more heavy duty than the other adjustable kettlebells on this list, but its solid design allows you to maintain your center of balance whether at 14, 17, or 20 pounds. You adjust the weight by adding or removing one of the interior weighted cylinders. This allows this no. 8 best adjustable kettlebell to maintain the same shape and size no matter the weight.
Customers write that the handle is suitable even for smaller hands, though the locking mechanism can be difficult to unlock. Only Prime members can access free shipping.

7. Kettlebud Kettlebell

Kettlebud Kettlebell

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The Kettlebud kettlebell is a bit non-standard in that you add on your own weights, giving you a range from 5 pounds to more than 100 pounds. You can choose to purchase a kettlebell suited to standard or Olympic plates, and these plates lock into place with the secure steel pins.
Customers write that this is a quality product and they appreciate the versatility. However, this product won’t be suitable for you if you don’t have your own weight plates. Only Prime users have access to free shipping, but purchasing 2 Kettlebud kettlebells entitles you to a 10% discount.

6. Titan Fitness 5 lb. to 40 lb. Kettlebell

Titan Fitness 5 lb. to 40 lb. Kettlebell

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The Titan Fitness kettlebell comes with its own set of 6 5-pould cast iron plates, giving you a range of 5 to 40 pounds. To adjust the weight, slide on the desired number of plates and lock them into place with the locking mechanism on the top.
Purchase of this kettlebell doesn’t include an instructions manual, though customers write that it is easy to figure out. Purchase does, however, include free shipping, and you can additionally purchase 2-year protection on this kettlebell.

5. Weider SpaceSaver 20-pound Kettlebell

Weider SpaceSaver 20-pound Kettlebell

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The Weider SpaceSaver features a similar locking mechanism and cast iron plates, but with a range of 5 to 20 pounds in 2.5-pound increments. This kettlebell can be a bit more beginner friendly because purchase includes an instructional DVD that teaches you a full-body workout.
While this kettlebell can help save on space and add versatility, customers do write that the plates rattle and the design isn’t very ergonomic, leaving some with sore forearms. Only Prime members have access to free shipping.

4. Stamina X Kettlebell

Stamina X Kettlebell

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The Stamina X kettlebell features a more traditionally rounded design with 6 plates that can add or remove the weight in 4-pound increments, which gives users a range of 16 to 36 pounds. The sturdy shell and cast-iron handles even support your weight when doing pushups.
The ergonomic design is easy on the hands and lets users maintain their center of gravity no matter the weight, while the pin-lock system is quick and easy to use. Weight plates do have a tendency to rattle, however. Purchase includes free shipping for all customers.

3. Rocketlok 24-36 Kettlebell

Rocketlok 24-36 Kettlebell

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This is the larger version of the Rocketlock kettlebell. The interior weighted cylinders give users the option to shift between 24, 28, 32, and 36 pounds without disrupting their center of gravity. Despite the heavier weight, this third best adjustable kettlebell is still a sleek. The average size which makes it less clunky and easier to manage.
Customers value the high-quality construction and durability. Free shipping is only available to Prime users, and customers have the option to additionally purchase 2-year protection.

2. Kettlebell Kings Black Kettlebell

Kettlebell Kings Black Kettlebell

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The Kettlebell Kings kettlebell features seven weight plates that snap into place and allow the user to adjust for a range of 5 pounds (without weights) to 40 pounds (with all the weights in place). Purchase also includes an instructions packet which guides beginners on how to perform exercises and how much weight to start with on each exercise.
The weight is easy to adjust and the plates stay secure throughout the workout. Purchase also includes free shipping for all customers.

1. Best Adjustable Kettlebell – Mir Pro Kettlebell

Best Adjustable Kettlebell - Mir Pro Kettlebell

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The last item on our list of adjustable kettlebells is the Mir Pro and features a pin-lock system for the weight plates instead of the traditional rounded design. The plates give users a range of 10 pounds up to 83 pounds. Due to the design of this kettlebell, this product is not recommended for beginners. Our best adjustable kettlebell is rather for experienced users such as CrossFit enthusiasts, personal trainers, and athletes.
Customers write that changing the weights is a bit cumbersome, but it still adds versatility to workouts. Purchase doesn’t include free shipping.

Final Word

We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 of the best adjustable kettlebells. If you are a kettlebell enthusiast or have any experience with the adjustable kettlebells on this list and would like to share your insights. If you would like to suggest a best adjustable kettlebell that didn’t make our list, please let us know in the comments below.

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