10 Best Birdhouse Kits in 2018

Having a birdhouse in your backyard is considered beneficial for both you and the birds. Birds eat harmful insects, pollinate flowers, and sing you songs while you are sipping your morning coffee. In this review, we created a list of ten best birdhouse kits and pointed out their strongest advantages. We focused primarily on the durability, assembly, sturdiness, and overall value of these kits.

Why? We created this time-saving review to help you find the best birdhouse kits to build on your own or with your kids.

10. Songbird Essentials DIY Build A Birdhouse Chickadee Kit

The Songbird Essentials DIY kit is durable, featuring five easy to assemble wooden panels. The panels are made of cedar and feature a reddish and rustic finish, though you can paint it with your kids to make it more unique.

The instructions are easy to understand, even for young kids; just make sure you supervise the assembly process, or better yet, participate! Though the instructions don’t mention it, some users have suggested that you can add glue to make this birdhouse sturdier.

best songbird essentials diy build a birdhouse kits

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9. SunGrow Wooden DIY Birdhouse for Kids

The SunGrow wooden birdhouse is tiny and cozy, perfect for attracting Eastern Bluebirds. It is made of genuine wood and is easy to decorate, a great project through which you can bond with your kids and tell them exciting facts about nature. This kit is fun, educational, and effortless.

It has a loop (to hang it on a sturdy branch or wooden pole), and it features a small perch for birds to sit, sing, and court. The SunGrow birdhouse has a pigeonhole on the front and a tiny door on the back for better airflow and easier maintenance.

best sungrow wooden diy birdhouse kits

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8. Oojami Design Your Own Wooden Birdhouses 12 Bird House Bulk

The Oojami DIY wooden birdhouses kit is an exceptionally cost-effective product because it includes 12 unfinished birdhouses. The birdhouses are tiny, cute, and sturdy. This kit is one of the best birdhouse kits for kids to use as educational tools in schools, camps, and homes.

Each birdhouse features one unique entrance and comes with a sturdy hanging twine. They are made of robust and thick plywood which does require sanding before you paint it. The product is intended for interior use. Above all, your kids will have hours and hours of fun painting these tiny houses.

best oojami design your own birdhouse kits

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7. Plaid Enterprises, Inc. Plaid Wood Surface Crafting Birdhouse

The Plaid Enterprises birdhouse comes assembled and is ready-for-use. It is also inexpensive, featuring one medium-sized entrance pigeonhole on the front and a tiny hole above, which creates better airflow for the birds.

It features a unique shape but isn’t that durable because of the glued (not drilled) design. Still, it looks impressive and will add more charm to your backyard or garden. It also has a small perch just below the entrance pigeonhole.

best plaid enterprises inc plaid wood birdhouse kits

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6. Melissa & Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse Craft Kit

The Melissa & Doug birdhouse kit contains everything you need for a fun DIY project with your kids. The kit contains screws, four tiny pots of paint, wooden panels, and a brush. This birdhouse is easy to assemble, and promotes creativity and handcrafting.

The wood is sturdy, light, and easy to work with. The front wooden panel features an imprinted leafy decoration, which you can paint with your favorite color. The wood is very smooth, allowing you and your kids to paint it effortlessly and decorate it with your DIY ornaments.

best melissa doug build your own birdhouse kits

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5. Darice DIY Crafts Wood Birdhouse

The Darice kit features six tiny birdhouses, between five and seven inches in size. The houses are well crafted and perfect for attracting small birds. These birdhouses are very cute and appealing to kids, perfect for painting and decorating.

You receive six items, which makes them the best birdhouse kits if you seek a multi-project kit for your kids. The birdhouses feature different designs, but they all have the main entrance and a perch. They are pre-assembled and ready for painting as soon as you unbox them.

best darice diy crafts wood birdhouse kits

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4. Creative Hobbies Mini 4 Inch Tall Birdhouse

The Creative Hobbies mini birdhouse set includes four birdhouses, each made with sturdy and thick plywood. These birdhouses arrive pre-assembled and require some sanding before painting and decorating. It inspires creativity, and it is a perfect product for schools and camps.

These houses have an excellent ventilation system and have a small entrance on the front, paired with a perch. They are very tiny and sturdy, and will undoubtedly decorate your property successfully. They are fit for inside and outside use. The Creative Hobbies mini birdhouse set is toxin-free, fun, and inexpensive.

best creative hobbies mini 4 inch tall birdhouse kits

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3. Toysmith Paint-a-Birdhouse Kit

The Toysmith birdhouse kit includes four paints, a brush, and a pre-assembled birdhouse. It is made of quality materials and features a built-in chain for hanging. The wood is well sanded and smooth so that the paint adheres and stays for an extended period.

This birdhouse is tiny, featuring a small pigeonhole entrance on the front and a perch beneath it. It is an excellent project for painting and decorating, for kids and adults alike. It inspires creativity for kids that are 5+ years old.

best toysmith paint a birdhouse kits

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2. Wood Smith USA Bird House

The Wood Smith USA birdhouse is handmade in the USA with natural red cedar and rust-resistant metal. It has a built-in, easy to open door with a pigeonhole for birds.  The product is easy to clean thanks to the advanced open-mechanism for simpler cleaning.

The birdhouse is pre-assembled and arrives with helpful mounting instructions. Its included screws make this house more resistant to harsh weather, which extends its durability. It also features an attractive rustic finish that attracts various bird types (Finch, Blue Jays, and even Woodpeckers). The material is all natural, free of pesticides and toxins, and immune to termites.

best wood smith USA birdhouse kits

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1. Toysmith Build and Paint a Birdhouse

The Toysmith build-and-paint birdhouse kit includes wooden panels, a brush, four cans of paint, and a hanging cord. It is one of the best birdhouse kits for kids that are over five years old. The kit also includes in-detail instructions, which will help you assemble and paint this birdhouse.

The wood is smooth, polished, and ready for painting. It isn’t as sturdy as we wanted it to be, but it will resist harsh environments if you paint it with quality protective paint. The product looks best when you pair it with the Toysmith Bird Feeder.

best toysmith build and paint birdhouse kits

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These best birdhouse kits on our list are intended for adults and kids alike. We also recommend them for schools and kindergartens. If these institutions would allow it, the children could learn from a very young age how to coexist with the world around them. Those who are serious about birdwatching should also pair their birdhouse with a birdfeeder. As always, feel free to share your thoughts the products above and suggest other best birdhouse kits we haven’t mentioned.

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