10 Best Bowling Balls in 2018

If you want to improve your bowling skills and maybe try your hands at league play, you should buy your own bowling balls and get them drilled to your specifications. Thankfully, buying bowling balls is incredibly easy these days. Online, you can find a massive selection of beginner and pro-level bowling balls. You can buy both polyester as well as advanced resin-based bowling balls. Many brands offer balls with advanced core designs and hook potentials these days. Here is a selection of the best bowling ball options you have in 2018. We look at their features and specifications.

10. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

The Maxim bowling ball is available in a wide range of weight options. The lightest in the series weights just 6lbs, while the heaviest measures around 15lbs. This particular listing of the Maxim ball is available in a single color combo – a mix of purple, royal blue, and silver. With a space design, it looks quite attractive.

The coverstock of this bowling ball is made from polyester. That puts it squarely in the beginner/budget-friendly section of the market. Though designed for beginners and amateurs, the Ebonite Maxim does have an advanced 3-piece core inside. This bowling ball will deliver straightforward performance with a less pronounced hook.

best ebonite maxim bowling ball

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9. Roto-Grip Wreck Em Bowling Ball

The lightest Wreck Em ball from Roto-Grip weighs around 10lbs, and it can go as high as 16lbs. This is not a predrilled ball. Color options are limited in this particular listing to just a combo of red, purple, and white that looks quite bright and colorful.

The coverstock on the Roto-Grip bowling ball uses an advanced reactive Pearl resin compound. Unlike beginner balls that come with plastic polyester, this one falls into the mid-performance segment. It has a 1500 grit polished finish that helps reduce any friction on the bowling lane. The neutron core has also been optimized for more distance and backend.

best roto grip wreck em bowling ball

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8. Brunswick Bowling Products Butterflies Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

This particular bowling ball is available in weights ranging from 6lbs all the way to 16lbs. The main highlight of this ball is the high detail graphics printed on the surface. As the name suggests, this particular edition of the Glow Viz-A-Ball has attractive images of butterflies all around the ball. If you’re looking for striking looking bowling ball, this is the best bowling ball for you.

The coverstock is an entry level plastic-polyester material. This is a high-gloss ball intended for beginners and casual players. The hook ball is designed for early learners of the game. The ball has a low hook potential that helps reduce the risk of constant gutterballs.

best brunswick bowling products butterflies glow bowling ball

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7. Athletic Specialities Gamecraft Rubber Bowling Ball

This is a basic learner’s ball from Athletic Specialities. It is incredibly light and it weighs just 5lbs, making ideal even for kids. The ball does not come in a heavier size option. It is predrilled and it comes with three large holes. The spacing of the holes allows both adults and kids to hold the ball with ease.

As this is a training ball, it is made from basic rubber. It does not have any advanced design features. Color options are limited to a single black ball with red speckles. If you’re looking for a cheap option, this is the best bowling ball for you on this list, and quite understandably so.

best athletic specialitites gamecraft rubber bowling ball

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6. Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

The Venom Cobra is an advanced performance ball available in heavier weight options of 12 lbs and up. The heaviest Cobra ball weighs 16lbs, and these balls are not predrilled. The design of this ball is quite edgy, with black and bronze being the dominant colors. The prominent Venom branding and golden Cobra logo look sharp.

The coverstock is an advanced hybrid resin, which offers balanced performance on the surface. A 5500 Grit finish provides smooth performance. The Top Gear core inside allows this ball to stay straight and hit hard. This is the best bowling ball for more experienced bowling enthusiasts.

best motiv venom cobra bowling ball

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5. Hammer Bowling Products Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

The Black Widow lineup is a very popular range of bowling balls from Hammer. These heavy balls range in weight from 12lbs to 16lbs. It looks incredibly sharp and cool, with an all-black design. The dark red accents and prominent Black Widow logo add to the overall appearance of the ball.

This is an advanced bowling ball that uses a hybrid coverstock. It is the best bowling ball for aggressive play, thanks to a smooth and polished cover. The core uses a proprietary design called Gas Mask. According to Hammer, this design allows the ball to deliver extra movement on the backend as it closes in on the pins. The ball comes undrilled.

best hammer bowling ball black widow

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4. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

The 300 Nitrous series includes balls that weight between 10lbs and 16lbs. These are very versatile undrilled balls suitable for both beginners and advanced players. The balls are available in four different color and graphics options: black-blue-bronze, purple-pink, red-sliver, and silver-black. All the designs look quite attractive.

The coverstock is made from a reactive resin they call Boost/R. It has a high polish level for smooth performance. The addition of a two-piece Nitrous core ensures that this bowling ball delivers mid-level performance, especially when it comes to hooks.

best columbia 300 nitrous bowling ball

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3. Sportime 19899 UltraFoam Weighted Bowling Ball

This ultra-lightweight bowling ball is the best bowling ball for schoolkids. It weighs just 1lbs and is made from super light foam material. The soft rubber foam helps avoid injuries while still providing enough feedback and performance for learning. The balls come predrilled and have a flexible multi-grip design.

The balls are covered in bright pastel colors that look really attractive to small kids. If you want to teach your kids bowling at an early age, this is a great choice. The ball costs under $20 and is often available at a discount.

best sportime 19899 ultrafoam bowling ball

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2. Storm Timeless

The Timeless is an advanced bowling ball designed with the help of Pro PBA player Jason Belmont. The balls are available in five different weight classes, between 12 and 16lbs. The ball looks very attractive with a black-blue-silver design that reminds you of space. The Timeless logo and branding are prominently emblazoned in copper/gold on the ball.

It has advanced features like a reactive hybrid resin coverstock and dual-piece cores. These features enable this ball to have quite a lot of movement on the lane. This undrilled ball is aimed at more experienced players and might not be the best bowling ball for beginners in bowling. One interesting feature is the use of fragrant materials in the ball, which results in a pleasant aromatic effect when you hold this ball.

best storm timeless bowling ball

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1. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

The Path Rising series is a popular bestseller online. These undrilled balls range in weight from 8lbs to 16lbs. The balls look quite attractive and are available in five different color options, like aqua, hot pink, black silver, and purple.

These balls have a reactive hybrid pear coverstock for advanced performance. The high grit factory finish ensures that you can get maximum distance on the lanes. It has a symmetric core that makes it ideal for beginners and more seasoned players. Depending on how you drill the holes, you can get either low or high levels of the hook with this ball.

best pyramid path rising pearl bowling ball

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The best bowling balls include a wide range of designs, aimed at beginners, kids, and advanced players. Besides simple rubber bowling balls for kids, you also have options that include polyester and hybrid resin coverstocks. You can find excellent bowling balls with single, dual, and even triple core technology. The prices typically range between $20 all the way up to $150 or more. Have you find the best bowling bowl for you in this list? Leave us a comment down below.

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