10 Best Cat Carriers in 2018

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If you own a cat and need to travel with it, cat carriers are probably the #1 item on your shopping list. Well, if you are in need of a quality cat carrier, you came to the right place. Here, you will find a list of ten best cat carriers, evaluated and arranged by us according to their capacity, durability, ergonomics, and other vital features. We created this brief and data-packed review with the purpose of helping you find the best cat carrier for your pet and your budget. Were we successful? You be the judge. Now, let’s let the products speak for themselves, shall we?

10. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

The AmazonBasics two-door pet kennel is the least-expensive product on our list, perfect for people who are in need of small and budget cat carriers. The product is 19 x 12 x 10 inches large and features a metal door which opens on both sides smoothly.

The case is made of quality and toxin-free plastic, while the doors feature meshed steel wires. It also has broad and easy to open doors on the top, which provide a stress-free experience for your cat.

best amazonbasics two door load cat carrier

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9. Petyella Cat Carrier

The Petyella cat carrier comes with a valuable fleece blanket, durable shoulder strap, collapsible bowl, and comfortable and easy to wash pet mat. The shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort, allowing a stress-free and convenient carrying experience. It is an ideal product for those that travel by air, due to its 100% airplane approval.

The zipped top doors are quality made, sturdy, and resistant to oxidation. The doors are meshed and transparent, allowing better airflow and a less stressful experience for your cat.

best petyella cat carrier

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8. PetTech Pet Carrier

The PetTech cat carrier can hold pets that have 20 or less pounds, and it features a meshed design that allows better ventilation and a more pleasant experience for the pet. The pet mat is made of soft fabric and provides plenty of comfort for your pet.

The PetTech carrier is made toxin-free and durable polyester, which ensures that handle tear doesn’t occur after excessive use. The handle and shoulder straps could have been more ergonomic, but we won’t complain too much due to the carrier’s low price.

best pettech cat carrier

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7. X-ZONE PET Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The X-ZONE PET carrier is, as the name suggests, airline approved. More importantly, it is sturdy and comfortable, with a padded shoulder strap and sturdy metal hooks (for the strap.) This pet carrier also features a cozy mat and a safety leash, which you can use if your pet starts going wild!

This carrier holds max 15 lbs and features two entrances, both meshed, to reduce stress on your pet. The pet mat is quality made and incredibly comfortable.

best x zone pet airline approved cat carrier

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6. EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier

The EliteField pet carrier is extremely comfortable for your pet. You can buy it in a medium and large size, as well as six different color variations. It features a soft, foam-padded handle and a durable (also foam-padded) shoulder strap. This pet carrier is airline approved.

The package also includes a colored pet mat, which you can pair with an added support board, which makes the carrier more sturdy. More importantly, your cat will feel much safer, thanks to the board’s sturdiness.

best elitefield soft sided cat carrier

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5. SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier

The SportPet Designs cat carrier features a unique design. It is made of sturdy ABS and PC plastic, which provide extreme durability and stability. This cat carrier isn’t foldable or compact as other carriers, but it is incredibly comfortable for the pet, which is far more critical.

The carrier features extra safety locks, press-on security latches, and additional secure side panels; it’s all about security for SportPet Designs. The added pet bed is comfy and warm, and it can be machine-washed.

best sportpet designs foldable cat carrier

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4. PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

The PetAmi Premium Pet Travel Carrier is airline approved, comfy, and secure. It features a soft, foam-padded handle and a sturdy shoulder strap. It has meshed windows on all sides, allowing all-direction ventilation. This is by far the most customizable item on our list of best cat carrier options, because it is available in 13 colors.

The package also includes a comfy sherpa lined pet mat, providing a perfect environment for your pet. The bag features meshed doors on both sides, enabling you to place your pet in and take them out stress-free.

best petami premium airline approved soft sided cat carrier

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3. Pet Magasin Pet Travel Kennel

The Pet Magasin pet travel kennel is exceptionally compact, quality made, and sturdy. It features a superior ventilation system, lockable and no-rust zippers, and a meshed door, which allows your pet to observe and relax.

The top and bottom covers are sturdy and waterproof, while the midsection provides much-needed airflow. This kennel also includes a thick and soft bed for your cat. The bed is also shockproof thanks to its thickness, which is why your pet won’t feel minor disturbing vibrations.

best pet magasin pet travel cat carrier

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2. Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

The Anzone backpack pet carrier features a capsule-like design, giving your pet an astronautic and world-exploring experience. The product is available in four different sizes and dozens of color combinations, allowing you to customize this carrier the way your heart desires.

This backpack comes with a velvet bed and mesh cover, which you can use for better airflow. The product is extraordinarily fashionable and durable. It is also comfortable, featuring foam padded shoulder straps. The Anizone backpack pet carrier is the best cat carrier for people who seek an easy to carry travel solution for their pets.

best anzone pet portable cat carrier

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1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

The Petmate two door pet kennel is by far the best cat carrier on our list, due to its superior design and quality materials. It features two large doors (on top and in the front) that are reinforced with steel bars and transparent. The product is available in four color combinations, of which the pearl honey rose is the most eye-catching.

The handle is durable and ergonomic, causing no harm to your wrists and allowing comfortable carrying. The Petmate kennel features openings on all sides and is extremely stable, which is why it provides the most suitable experience for your pet. Most importantly, you will travel care-free knowing that your pet is in the Petmate kennel.

best petmate two door top load cat carrier

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Final Thoughts

We hope that this review helped you understand better the main differences between various pet carriers. Preferably, you should always have the pet’s comfort in mind, not yours. Ideally, the best cat carrier is one that is good for both you and your pet. As always, feel free to discuss the article and the best cat carrier you’ve ever stumbled upon in the comments section below.

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