10 Best Deer Calls in 2018

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Hunters use deer calls to lure a deer and gain a tactical advantage over the animal. Though the deer call isn’t a must-have deer hunting tool, it is highly recommended to have one. With a deer call, you can be sneaky and silent! There are a few things you need to consider before you purchase a deer call. Below, we created a list of top ten deer calls, where we discussed essential characteristics of each deer call; the list should help you find the best deer call for your specific needs.

10. Flextone Headhunter Extractor

The Flextone deer call can imitate the sounds of a doe, a buck, and a fawn (see the terminology). It also has a snort-wheeze chamber, which you can use to call dominant bucks. You can also switch between the desired sounds with the X-Slide tool.

The Flextone deer call is made of a wooden barrel, a rubber hose, and a nylon string; the rubber hose produces various sounds, and the nylon string makes it easier for you to carry the deer call with you at all times. The item is well-made and resistant to low temperatures.

best flextone headhunter extractor deer call

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9. Primos Hunting Buck Roar Call

Primos Hunting is a very respectable hunter’s equipment company, one that always delivers high-end products to its customers. Their buck roar call features a strap that goes on your wrist, allowing you to carry the deer call conveniently.

The Primos Hunting deer call outputs an extraordinarily aggressive and loud sound, one that will attract Alpha dears. The item is well-designed and made of quality material. It also features a built-in compass, just in case you get lost in the woods! Jokes aside, this buck call is the best deer call for those that hunt bucks. Note that this deer call works best during the deer mating season!

best primos hunting buck roar deer call

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8. Nationwide Scents – Deer Hunting Grunt Call

The NS deer call is an exceptional item, designed and handmade in the USA. It features a reasonably long tube, which allows you to make high and low volume sounds. You can use the integrated O ring (an adjustment tool) to change the volume and the depth of the sounds you make. The item mimics the sounds of does, fawns, and bucks.

The tip is resistant to freezing as it increases the item’s durability and allows more of a comfortable usage during the winter. This Nationwide Scents product is the best deer call for people who seek a versatile product, one that can mimic the sounds of all deer types.

best nationwide scents deer hunting grunt deer call

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7. Hunter’s Specialties Bucgrunter Deer Call

This Hunter’s Specialties deer call is an inexpensive tool that produces aggressive and assertive buck sounds. It comes with instructions and a carrying string. This deer call features a ribbed tube, which is why it can output the sounds in all directions. You can also control the tone by covering the tip with your hand.

The HS deer call is recommended for those who hunt bucks, due to the item’s ability to mimic the buck noise realistically and clearly. Note: this deer call wasn’t designed to mimic doe or fawn sounds.

best hunters specialitites bucgrunter deer call

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6. Primos Hunting Big Bucks Bag Call

The Primos Hunting big bucks kit includes two sets of deer calls, each producing original and realistic sounds. Specifically, it produces sounds of two opposed bucks that are fighting for the same territory; with the Primos BB kit, you can mimic their sounds to lure deer to a specific location.

The Power Tines also feature holes with which you can control the resonance as well as the volume of the deer sound. You will also receive a camouflaged, meshed bag that stores and carries the entire kit. We recommend this kit for anyone who is interested in hunting dominant bucks.

best primos hunting big bucks deer call

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5. Hunter’s Specialties True Talker Deer Call

The HS True Talker mimics fawns, does, young and mature bucks. The item is made of hardwood with an integrated reed system, which prevents freezing. This deer call also features a rubber coating on the mouthpiece area, which is why it is extremely comfortable to use.

It features a lot of pre-set tones, which you can select and use depending on your preferences and situation on the ground. It also features a highly adjustable lanyard, which allows you to carry the True Talker around your wrist or neck. The item is relatively expensive when you compare it to other items on our list of best deer call options; nevertheless, the True Talker is well worth buying due to its versatility and ease of use.

best hunters specialitites true talker deer call

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4. Flambeau Outdoor Deer Call

This Flambeau deer call is the most tech-friendly item on our list. The company offers eight different products, and each item is engineered for calling deer of different age/type/sex; the Doe Bleat, the R.I.P. Growl, the Grunt Deer Call, and so forth.

We were very impressed with the Flambeau’s Hyper Growl and its hyperventilation technology, which outputs hyperrealistic buck sounds. It also features a built-in and adjustable snort-wheeze system, which simulates the deer nostrils very accurately. Each Flambeau deer call comes with a lanyard.

best flambeau outdoor deer call

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3. Primos Hunting Hardwood Grunter Call

The Primos Hunting Grunter mimics grunts and bleats, due to its 6 in 1 design. The product is made of quality hardwood and is resistant to extreme conditions. It also features a long hose that allows you to control the tone and volume; you can decide whether you want low or high pitch, low or high volume, etc.

This item is made of very specific hardwood so that it can mimic the deep sounds of grunts. Note: you can’t change the type of sound this third best deer call produces once it is assembled. To change the sound you will have to reassemble it according to your preferences.

best primos hunting hardwood grunter deer call

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2. Hook’s Custom Calls Messenger Deer Grunt Call

The Hook’s Custom Calls deer call is made of high-quality hickory wood, which makes it more durable and useful, but also more expensive. Its sound is unique, designed to mimic the tone of a younger buck.

It also has the option to call for a doe and a dominant buck, thanks to its adjustable settings. The product is made in the USA after a research was conducted at the GrowingDeer Proving Grounds. It has been designed and tested by James Harrison.

best hooks custom deer grunt call

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1. Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call System

The Illusion deer call kit includes an Extinguisher deer call and an instructional DVD. This is the only kit that comes with a DVD that educates people on how they should use the deer call. The Extinguisher mimics buck, doe, and fawn sounds. More importantly, you can switch between the three with the advanced Modislide technology.

Also, you will be educated by non other than Rod White, a professional archer that won an Olympic gold medal for the US team. The Extinguisher is the best deer call on our list, due to its FreezeFree design, the included DVD, the Modislide mechanism, and the pristine sound quality.

best illusion game calls extinguisher deer call

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Hunting deer is much simpler and more convenient when you have a deer call at your disposal. Those who are inexperienced with deer calls should probably buy an item with an instruction manual or watch a couple of YouTube videos that can explain to them how deer calls work. Just make sure you select the best deer call, one that is based on your personal hunting preferences. Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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