10 Best Emergency Lights in 2018

You never know when the power supply in your area is going to get disrupted. Being stuck in the dark is mighty unpleasant and unsafe, regardless of whether you are inside your home or out camping. This is why you need emergency lights. They offer a safe backup when the inevitable happens. Modern LED technology has changed the entire spectrum of home and commercial lighting, and emergency lights have also witnessed this revolution. You can choose from hundreds of affordable and powerful LED emergency lights online. Here is a top ten list of the best emergency light options available in 2018.

10. Compass CORD Hubbell Lighting LED 2 Head Emergency Light

This is a very reliable LED light fixture, ideal for outdoor use. You could install it on your porch, backyard, or by the poolside. The system has a pair of LED lamp heads. Both heads are mounted on flexible brackets and can be tilted to any angle.

This double LED light combo comes atop a convenient mounting bracket for easy installation. It requires a DC input rated at 3V. The light comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty. The device has been made waterproof for safe outdoor use.

best compass cord hubbell emergency light

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9. Morris 73120 White Low Profile Emergency Light Fixture

The Morris light is quite similar to the Compass Cord one in basic design characteristics. But instead of LEDs, this one uses incandescent lamps. There are two lights, installed on a durable thermoplastic housing. The mounting brackets make this light very easy to install.

The system works automatically, without any need for external controls. It has a pair of 6VDC lead batteries inside for 90 minutes of continuous operation. The batteries are pure lead and maintenance-free. These lamps can be installed either indoors or outdoors. They have a flame and moisture retardant design for increased durability. Morris provides a 5-year warranty for these lights.

best morris 73120 white low profile emergency light

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8. Ideal Security SK638 Lights Out Home Emergency Power Failure Light

The SK638 Lights Out is a wire-free home emergency lighting solution. It is powered by an LED capable of emitting 120 lumens. The device is extremely portable and can be placed anywhere in the house. The power is provided by a battery inside. The LEDs can stay on for 16 hours straight.

There are two brightness settings, with a soft LED nightlight feature. The batteries are 6V lead-acid cells. It comes with a 6 AC adaptor for charging. This eight best emergency light will turn on automatically when power is lost, or if it is unplugged from the wall socket.

best ideal security sk638 emergency light

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7. LFI Lights – UL Certified – Hardwired LED Standard Emergency Light

Unlike the ultra-portable LED above, these are permanent fixtures that you have to mount on your walls. The system has a pair of glare-free LED lamps on a central mounting bracket. The lamps can be adjusted freely. The universal mounting plate is very easy to install.

The system is powered using NiCad batteries. They are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. The system is compatible with both 120V and 277VAC. The LFI lights are OSHA compatible, and UL certified.

best LFI lights UL certified emergency light

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6. eTopLighting Emergency Exit Light

These are a pair of bug-eyed lights mounted on a universal mounting bracket. The white colored system uses a couple of long-lasting LEDs. The LED light heads are both independently adjustable and can be mounted on walls or ceiling.

This is an entirely self-contained unit, powered by either standard 120V or 277VAC connections. It has a status indicator and a test switch. The system contains a trio of lithium batteries to hold the charge for emergencies.

best etoplighting emergency light

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5. Capstone Lighting 4-in-1 Eco-i-Lite Rechargeable LED Emergency Flashlight

This is an emergency plug-in flashlight from Capstone. They are available solo or in packs of two or six lights. Each light uses 16 LEDs for a powerful beam. The light will switch on immediately when power fails, allowing you to locate it in the dark.

This fifth best emergency light has a handheld design and comes with a stable base/stand. The 16 LEDs produce 60 lumens of bright light. There are multiple brightness settings, and even an auto night light option. The system is powered by a Li-ion battery that holds the charge for 15 hours on low brightness and 3 hours on high.

best capstone lighting 4 in 1 emergency light

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4. Bluetech LED Flashlight Night Light

This is an advanced portable light system with power failure function and motion detection. You can buy them in packs of one or three lights. The motion detector on these provides phenomenal value if you are stuck in the dark. They will turn the light on for 15 seconds.

Due to its compact size and portability, this is the best emergency light for camping and RV trips. It has a docking station that you can plug into the wall for power. 15 LEDs power the detachable flashlight. You can adjust the brightness levels to conserve the battery charge.

best bluetech led emergency light

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3. Ciata Lighting LED Two Head Emergency Light 

This is the best emergency light for walls and ceilings. The central mounting bracket holds two separate LED lamps. These are available in packs of 6 and 12 pieces. The system uses long-lasting LEDs that deliver bright white illumination. The orientation of the lamps can be freely adjusted.

The system automatically switches to emergency power when the main power supply is lost. The lights can stay on for a minimum of 90 minutes. These lights can be mounted quickly using the surface mount feature. They come with batteries inside and can be connected to 120V and 277V power lines.

best ciata lighting led two head emergency light

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2. BESWILL Rechargeable Work Light

This is a portable work light designed for commercial use. However, it also has features that make it perfect for emergency purposes. 24 pieces of 15W LEDs power the system. They are ultra-compact but offer excellent illumination.

The portable light has two switches at the back. It comes mounted on a convenient and stable stand for easy placement on the ground. For emergency power, the unit uses a high capacity Lithium battery inside. It is IPX5 waterproof and has an SOS mode which makes it perfect for camping trips and outdoor use.

best beswill rechargeable emergency light

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1. Lithonia Lighting EU2 LED 2-Light White LED Emergency Fixture

This is a standard 2 LED lighting fixture that is the best emergency light for domestic use. NiCad batteries power the system, and you can opt for either a standard version or a remote controlled one. Like most other emergency home lights, these also have movable head units. They can be installed anywhere, on both walls as well as ceilings.

The Lithonia Lighting lights come with UL, OSHA, NEC, and NFPA ratings and certification. The twin LEDs are rated at 1.8W. The lights are made from durable, flame retardant thermoplastics for longevity. They are available at a very affordable price and come with a 2-year limited warranty.

best lightonia lighting eu2 emergency light

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Several different types of lights can be found in the category of emergency lights. These include indoor/outdoor home fixtures, portable handheld flashlights with dock, and even compact outdoor work lights. Their suitability is entirely dependant on how and when you might require emergency lighting, so choose the best emergency light for you wisely! If you have other suggestions of emergency lights, share them down below.

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