10 Best Face Paints in 2018

Throughout history, humans painted their faces for hunting, religious, or war purposes. Nowadays, face painting is mostly practiced by clowns, actors, and kids. In this article, we will focus on face paint for kids, the one used for entertaining purposes. We will go through a list of ten products and describe their quality, versatility, application, and durability. The goal of this review is to help you find the best face paint for the best price.

10. LLOP 32 Packs Face Paint Safe Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons

The LLOP face paint kit features non-toxic crayons that are excellent for kids with sensitive skin. The product is safe to use and meets all US toy and FDA regulations. You can buy the 16 or the 32-color pack.

The paint is very easy to apply and remove; you can take off the paint with a bit of warm water and soap. The product is reasonably priced and easy to apply, perfect for creative kids that enjoy face painting, carnivals, Haloween, and other similar events.

best LLOP 32 packs face paint

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9. Joyin Toy 24 Colors Face Paint

The Joyin face paint package includes 24 non-toxic crayons. The paint is very bright and extremely simple to apply. Moreover, you can take it off with warm water and soap rapidly, which is why it is the best face paint for a birthday party and large families.

The crayons are 3 inches long and free of any toxins; the product meets all legal requirements. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and fit for kids that have very sensitive skin. The Joyin face paint kit is one of the most cost-effective items on our list.

best joyin toy 24 colors face paint

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8. Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack

The Snazaroo face paint pack contains 12 colors, two bottles of glitter gel, four cleaning sponges, and two brushes. This Ultimate pack also features step-by-step instructions on how you should apply the paint. The paint is skin-friendly and free of fragrance, made of high-quality material.

The paint is vibrant and shiny, and very easy to apply and take off. The product is made in the UK and evaluated by the US regulatory agencies (the FDA and other toy regulatory bodies.)

best snazaroo face paint ultimate party

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7. Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons

The Dress Up America kit includes 12 non-toxic crayons, each crayon being roughly 2.2 inches long. The crayons arrive in a plastic case that can be used for storing and safekeeping. This paint is easy to apply and remove, free of toxins and other harmful chemicals.

These crayons are suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions, due to their rapid and easy application. The Dress Up America kit is quite inexpensive, perfect for people who seek an affordable and creative toy for their children. The only complaint we have is that the crayons are difficult to remove from the plastic case!

best dress up america 12 color face paint

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6. Artiparty Face Paint Kit

The Artiparty face paint kit includes ten paint boxes, two glitter boxes (one gold and one silver), and three brushes. Each painting has its own lid, which prevents paint smudging. The paint boxes are quite massive and will serve you for an extended period.

The case is high-quality and robust; it keeps the paint boxes in a very firm position. The Artiparty kit is quite expensive, perfect for children that perform in the theater. The paint is exceptionally realistic, which is why it can be used for a semi-professional theatre performance.

best artiparty face paint kit face paint

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5. Blue Squid Face Paint for Kids

This Blue Squid kit includes 12 colors, two brushes, 30 stencils, and a sturdy protective case. The paint is hypoallergenic, free of paraben and other toxins. It is also very creamy and bright, perfect for carnivals and festivals.

The FDA and other US agencies approved this paint, signaling that it is safe for use. In fact, it is the best face paint for kids with sensitive skin. The paint is easy to apply and remove. Also, don’t forget that you receive 30 stencils (used to paint predetermined shapes.)

best blue squid face paint

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4. Colorful Art Co. Face Paint Kit for Kids

The Colorful Art Co. face paint kit features 12 colors, 30 large stencils, and three brushes. The paint has a non-toxic water-based formula, and is FDA compliant and free of paraben. It is also hypoallergenic and easy to use, requiring only water for application and removal.

You also receive three brushes; a thick brush for filling and bold lines, a fine brush for painting outlines, and an extra fine brush for detailed painting. Also, you will receive a box of silver glitter. Beginners will love the fact that this kit includes 30 stencils and a beginner’s guide to face painting.

best colorful art co face paint kit

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3. Snazaroo Face Paint Palette

The Snazaroo face paint palette is by far the most expensive item on our list. Upon purchase, you receive a case with a total of eight colors; you’ll have to purchase the brushes at an additional cost. Like all other Snazaroo products, this face paint is safe to use and free of toxins.

The paint is dense, creamy, and realistic. The package also includes a painting guide with pre-made designs, which allow beginners to learn face painting.

best snazaroo face paint palette

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2. Create A Face Face Painting Kit

The Create A Face kit contains eight base colors, a guidebook, 32 stencils, two boxes of glitter (gold and silver), two brushes (one thick and one fine), and two cotton wool pads. The paint is very smooth, toxin-free, and hypoallergenic. It also dries rapidly, so that your kids can play as soon as you apply the color.

You can paint 50 to 80 faces with this kit, depending on how much paint you use. If you are a beginner, you can use the guidebook that comes with the paint and choose between 18 design ideas! This is the best face paint for the money.

best create a face painting face paint

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1. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit For Kids

The Blue Squid face paint kit for kids is the best face paint on our list; it is cost-effective and features high-quality face painting equipment. The package includes 30 stencils, 12 colors, three brushes, and a sturdy carrying case. The Blue Squid colors are vivid, they dry quickly, and they are simple to apply and remove.

Most importantly, the paint is FDA compliant and an excellent option for kids with sensitive skin. Upon purchase, you’ll receive exclusive access to Blue Squid instructional face painting videos. Also, the brushes you receive differ in size (thick, thin, and ultra thin.)

best blue squid face paint kit

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You don’t have to be a Picasso to enjoy face painting with your kids. Paint, make mistakes, wipe, and continue; just have fun! Of course, you have to buy the right face paint to do a good job, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you read this article carefully. As always, let us know what you think about our list in the comment section below. If you have other suggestions for best face paint, share those as well.

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