10 Best SIM Card Adapters in 2018

SIM card adapters allow you to use standard, micro, or nano SIM cards with all your devices. For example, if your mobile phone accepts only standard SIM cards, you can use a SIM card adapter to make your phone compatible with micro or nano SIM cards. In this review, we will go through a list of 10 best SIM card adapter options, and discuss their value, durability, elasticity, and usability. Our goal is simple: help you find the best SIM card adapter for you and your budget.

10. NOOSY 3 X Nano SIM to Micro/Standard Card Adaptors

The Noosy SIM card adapter is one of the cheapest items on our list. It’s made of two materials: Acrylonitrile butadiene (rubber-like material) and PC plastic. The item is snappy and easy to install. You receive three adapters, nano to micro, nano to standard, and micro to standard.

The product works with all SIM card compatible devices, but it works best with Androids and iPhones. Note: never insert the Noosy SIM card adapter without the SIM card in your device! Some customers suggest that you won’t be able to get it out of your device! If you can follow this simple advice, you won’t experience any issues with Noosy cards.

NOOSY 3 X Nano SIM to Micro/Standard Card Adaptor

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9. R-SIM Card Adapter Kit

The R-SIM adapter kit contains nine adapters, three for each size. The item is well worth obtaining since it also comes with three extractor tools for your SIM card. Now, some people have complained about the R-SIM adapter’s consistency, claiming that their phones don’t always read the SIM card, due to the adapter’s “flimsiness.”

However, lots of people praise the product for its simple implementation and overall value. Conclusion? Even though it doesn’t feature the most sophisticated mechanism, the R-SIM Adapter Kit is still one of the best SIM card adapter options, due to its low price and ease of use.

3-pack of SIM card adapters

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8. Helect SIM Card Adapter

The Helect adapter kit contains several items: three quality made adapters, an eject needle, and the chip polisher. You can use the polisher to smooth the card so that it fits in the adapter.

We should also say that the Helect SIM card adapter is one of the most popular items on the online market in the category of SIM card adapters. These adapters have been evaluated, used, and recommended by many major Telecommunication companies. Also, you can use them for all phones, tablets, and other SIM card devices.

SIM Card Adapter

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7. Samdi 4 in 1 SIM Card Adapter Storage Holder

The Samdi kit features a two in one package; you receive one storage and three SIM card adapters. The storage is made of light, soft PVC and has five slots. You also receive a very sturdy eject pin, with which you can easily eject the SIM card.

The Samdi package is especially recommended for iPhone and Samsung owners. The case is made of high-quality Polycarbonates, which is why it is very flexible and durable. Interestingly, the protective storage/case also features a built-in ruler.

samdi 4 in 1 SIM Card adapter

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6. iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter

The iSYFIX adapter is one of the best selling products on the market. The kit contains elastic but sturdy SIM adapters, in combination with the eject pin. Like all other adapters on the list, the iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter allows you to switch between your tablets and phones very quickly.

The product is straightforward to use, as long as you don’t insert the adapter without the SIM card in it; this can cause damage to your devices. Though, it is fair to say that this may happen with most other SIM card adapters.

card adapter from iSYFIX

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5. Samdi SIM Card Adapter Kit

The Type 2 Samdi adapter kit also features three adapters, which are compatible with all phones and tablets. However, the case in the Type 2 adapter kit features an entirely different design; it is a case made of green PC, which both protects and organizes your three SIM adapters.

You also receive an eject pin that is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. The storage is very slim and similar to your Dollar bills, which is why it fits nicely in your wallet.

Samdi Sim Card Adapter kit

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4. TechRise 5 in 1 Sim Card Adapter Kit

The TechRise kit consists of 5 items, all of them quality made and durable. The adapters feature slim technology and highly accurate cutting. It is made of aluminum alloy, which is why it is very elastic and durable. Upon purchase, you receive three adapters, an eject pin, and the polisher.

Interestingly, the adapters feature red, golden, and blue, which adds a bit of flavor to the package, but also helps you identify the needed adapter rapidly.

techrise sim adapter kit

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3. RinoGear – Nano & Micro SIM Card Adapter Kit

The RinoGear kit includes three adapters and one pin. The package doesn’t include protective storage, but it does contain some of the best SIM card adapter options our list. The RinoGear adapter is compatible with all devices and recommended for Apple and Samsung users.

The adapters are well-cut and will fit any SIM card slot without any issues. The pin is sturdy and big enough to eject the card and to allow a fast switching between your devices. The RinoGear package is an excellent item for traveling and old phone users.

sim adapter kit from rinogear

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2. Aerb 5in1 Nano Micro SIM Card Adapter Kit

The Aerb kit consists of a SIM card polisher, ejector tool, and three adapters made of PC plastic and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. These adapters feature an extremely sophisticated design, manufactured with advanced machines.

The Aerb adapters safely anchor and guard the SIM card. They are well cut and should smoothly fit every SIM compatible device. These adapters also feature a plug&play mechanism; you’ll hear the clicking sound once the SIM card is safely positioned.

aerb sim card adapter kit

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1. Aerb SIM Card Cutter

The Aerb SIM Card Cutter is a one of a kind item, which is why it is the best SIM card adapter on our list. The package includes an ejective needle, and two nano SIM adapters, one micro and one standard. You also receive a stainless steel SIM card cutter, which you can use to cut standard/micro SIM cards.

The Aerb SIM card package is one of the most expensive items on our list, but also the most versatile one, allowing you to exchange and cut your SIM cards. You’ll also receive a piece of sandpaper, as well as the metal tray for the adapters.

sim card cutter

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SIM card adapters are an exceptional tool, one that helps you transfer your SIM cards between your devices without any effort. Most importantly, these best SIM card adapter packages are incredibly cheap and will cost you only a couple of dollars, and most (if not all) have money-back guarantees. As always, don’t forget to tell us your opinion on SIM card adapters! What is the best SIM card adapter you’ve ever tried?

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