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10 Best Air Walkers in 2018

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Air walkers are indoor fitness machines that offer a host of health benefits to your .body Their primary purpose is to provide convenient access to full-body cardio workouts. The main advantage with air walkers is that your feet never leave the pedals of the machine. This ensures that there is less chance of injury, stress, and calluses. They offer high-intensity cardio exercises whenever you want. Since these machines often have folding designs, they can be easily stowed away after use. Here are some of the best air walker machines available in 2018. We explore their features and specifications.

10. XtremepowerUS Dual Action Air Walker

This is a simple and affordable air walker with some elliptical glider functions. You get a full range of motion on this machine. It is an efficient tool for weight loss and calorie burning targets. Advanced features include a digital display capable of showing important information like time, count, and calories.

This machine gives your upper body a workout using its dual arms. The device has a heart sensor on board to check your vital functions during workouts. The machine weighs approximately 85lbs. With measurements of 29 x 20 x 48 inches, it is quite compact and should fit inside your home gym/room with ease.

best XtremepowerUS dual action air walker

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9. EFITMENT Air Walker Glider Elliptical Machine

This is a hybrid exercise machine that has the features of both an air walker as well as an elliptical machine with sideways function. You can get the full range of motion on this device, along with the 360-degree action. This machine has a folding design, allowing it to be stored away in cramped spaces after use. The base has wheels that enable you to transport it with ease.

The device has an LCD monitor that displays count, time, calories, and total count. You can change the speed settings on the device to simulate slow walks and even full runs. The product weighs 40lbs and can support up to 220lbs of user weight. It measures 35 x 22 x 55 inches.

best efitment air walker glider eliptical

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8. Fitness Reality Dual Action/Multi-Direction Air Walker

This is a versatile dual action air walker that supports 36 inches of full range motion during exercises. It allows you to have extended sessions of high intensity zero impact workouts for your entire body. You can perform exercises in multiple directions, allowing you to focus on different muscle groups with ease. The dual action arms up top provide an avenue for upper body and arm-based workouts.

The machine has a super quiet action and can be folded for secure storage. It has an LCD screen that displays the primary count and calorie readings. The compact machine has a max capacity of 225lbs. When folded, it measures just 17 x 20 x 52 inches, which is half the actual size when ready for use.

best fitness reality dual action multi direction air walker

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7. Goplus Air Walker Glider Stride Elliptical Trainer

With a U-shaped base, this is a very stable and safe air walker glider from Goplus. It is very versatile and offers features similar to an advanced elliptical machine. The exercise machine moves smoothly without any significant noise. It has excellent ergonomics, with comfortable support pads for your abdomen.

The machine has an LCD screen and an electric meter that can show information including time, speed, calorie, etc. The entire unit weighs just 35lbs and has a max capacity of 225lbs. It is made from durable steel with EVA parts. The machine measures 38 x 23 x 60 inches and can be easily stored indoors.

best goplus air walker glider stride elliptical trainer

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6. Gazelle Edge

Gazelle has several popular air walker machines on sale, and most of them are strong contenders to the title of best air walker. This particular device is a high-performance glider that offers a full body workout. You can use it for anything from slow walks to full jogs with minimum adjustments. You get a full range of motion on this machine.

It has an onboard minicomputer that keeps track of stuff like speed, distance, and time. The frame is extremely durable, crafted from 1.5-inch steel. The machine sits on a broad base, and is incredibly stable. The maximum weight capacity is also quite decent at 250lbs. This air walker measures 43 x 28 x 53 inches and weighs just 42lbs.

best gazelle edge air walker

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5. ProGear 360 Dual Action Stride Air Walker LS Elliptical

The ProGear 360 is a very capable air walker with some elliptical features. You get a full 36-inch range of motion for your feet, along with a 180-degree movement for both your arms. Thanks to the dual arm design, you can put your upper body through cardio workouts using this fifth best air walker.

This is an ultra-compact air walker with the ability to fold into half for easy storage. It is a great option for homes and apartments that have limited space. It has no resistance features, but the large LCD does provide you with a clear idea regarding the progress of your workout sessions. The machine supports 225lbs of weight and can be used by folks who are between 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet in height. The item weighs 45lbs, and measures 34 x 20 x52 inches.

best progear 360 dual action stride air walker

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4. Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine

This is yet another excellent air walker step machine from Gazelle. It provides a heavy-duty workout to all major muscle groups in your body. You can do everything from slow walks to full runs with ease on this flexible air walker. It is capable of supporting ten different exercises.

The walker has dual action and a full range of motion. It has a folding design for easy storage after use. This rugged machine has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, which is more than most machines on this list of best air walker machines. It is extremely durable and weighs more than 50lbs.

best gazelle freestyle air walker

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3. Gazelle Supreme Step Machine

The third Gazelle product on our list and the third best air machine we’ll talk about has all the hallmarks that we found on the other machines from the company. It is versatile and offers a full range of motion for your body. Like the other Gazelle step machine, you get support for ten different exercise routines here. This is a top of the line model from Gazelle.

It has soft glide technology that allows the machine to work smoothly without any jerks or noises. It also has a hydraulic resistance feature to increase the intensity of your workouts. The workout computer on board keeps track of vital statistics like pulse rate, distance, time, and speed. The machine is easy to store thanks to the foldable design. It has a substantial weight capacity of 300lbs, and itself weighs around 60lbs.

best gazelle supreme step machine air walker

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2. Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

This is a very compact elliptical trainer with an air walker function. The natural elliptical motion helps keep your workouts stress-free and focused. Thanks to the dual action arms, even your upper body will get a high-intensity workout. And if you want to increase the challenge, this machine comes with an adjustable tensioning system.

There is an onboard computer with LCD that displays vital information like calories, time, and speed. The max capacity of this machine is around 220lbs. It weighs only 55lbs and is easy to transport as it has wheels on the base. The Air Elliptical machine measures 33 x 19 x 46 inches, making it one of the smallest devices on this list of best air walker machines.

best exerpeutic aero air elliptical air walker

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1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine

This is one of the most popular products in the best air walker machines category. The Sunny Health & Fitness machine is affordable, and yet manages to pack in a full feature list. You can use this machine for slow walks and full runs. It will deliver a smooth motion regardless of the type of exercise you select. With dual arms, this machine allows you to work your entire body, including the hands and torso.

This is an ultra-compact machine that folds into half its original size for easy storage. It has a feature-packed LCD monitor as well. The weight capacity of the machine is also quite decent at 220lbs. It is incredibly lightweight at 28lbs, and it measures just 15 x 19 x 61 inches when folded.

best sunny health fitness air walker sf e902

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Air walkers are incredibly affordable full cardio workout machines. They often come with fewer features than elliptical machines but offer excellent value for money. With the best air walker, you can get a full body workout with minimum stress and injury risk. We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below. Do you have a best air walker suggestion for us?

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