10 Best Auxiliary Cables in 2018

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Wireless technology has revolutionized the way we listen to music, be it in our homes or outdoors. Car stereo systems have also upgraded with the changing times, with Bluetooth and even WiFi connectivity on offer. But even in this day and age, the good old auxiliary cable is still a valuable accessory to have in your car. It allows you to play music from any device that has an aux audio connector. If nothing else, aux provides a useful backup when wireless networks fail/are unavailable. We review the best auxiliary cable options available online in 2018, looking at their features and specifications.

10. SecurOMax 6ft Aux Cable

This SecurOMax cable is quite long at 6 feet. That is more than enough length for most aux cable usage scenarios. The 3.5mm connectors on this male-to-male cable have universal compatibility. These should work fine with most audio devices out there, as long as they have the 3.5mm jack.

The overall build quality of this cable is good, as it uses 24K gold plating on the connectors for maximum audio performance. There is next to no static when using these cables. The wires are made from pure copper and have some kind of double shielding to improve the audio quality. They also have soft yet durable PVC jackets.

best securomax 6ft auxiliary cable

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9. MU6MMS Slim 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

This is yet another excellent quality cable available in various lengths ranging from 1 feet all the way to 16 feet. You can also choose between multiple connector designs. The connectors on these StarTech cables have a profile that is much slimmer than the usual aux cables you find on the market.

This is useful in instances where some devices have a protective casing near the jack that prevents the cable from achieving a deep and proper fit. The connectors have the standard gold plating, with molded casings. If you care about the color of your aux cable, these are available in either black or white variants.

best mu6mms slim 3.5mm auxiliary cable

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8. Cellularize AUX Cable

If you want more than one Aux cable, this Cellularize package is the best auxiliary cable package for you. It contains two aux cables, both four feet in length. These are standard male-to-male cables, with gold plated connectors and copper wires. Though the cable itself is black, the connector casing has an attractive silver color.

Unlike regular aux cables, these sport a pure copper shell, which offers superior performance to aluminum shells. The cable exterior is made of soft yet durable TPE, and Cellularize claims that these cables can survive over 10,000 bends. The company even provides an unconditional lifetime warranty to back up their claims.

best cellularize auxiliary cable

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7. CableCreation Audio Cable

In some scenarios, a right angle connector offers a more convenient fit than regular-shaped aux connectors. These CableCreation aux cables have silver colored right angle connectors. There are numerous cable options available, in varying lengths, and either individually or in pairs. The length of these cables ranges from 1.5 feet to 6 feet.

These cables have a slim design, which helps minimize the potential for tangles. A TPE exterior protects the enameled wires. The connectors are, of course, plated with 24K gold for superior sound quality. CableCreation provides a lifetime warranty for these cables.

best cablecreation auxiliary cable

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6. iXCC 3-Ft Tangle-Free Male to Male 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable 

These cables get a dash of color, with blue and green livery on the connectors. They are available in lengths ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet. The connectors have corrosion resistant gold plating and look quite durable and thick. If you want cables that can survive rough use, these thick iXCC cables look quite promising.

They have flexible covers and a tangle-free design. Though the connectors do not have an angled design, the jackets are very flexible and work quite well even in tight spaces. As for reliability, iXCC offers a very respectable two-year warranty for these cables.

best iXCC 3ft tangle free auxiliary cable

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5. JSAUX AUX Cable

Instead of PU or TPE coatings, these aux cables from JSAUX have a high quality braided nylon exterior. Thanks to the texture and patterns, these cables look refreshingly different. There are two color options, grey and red. The red option looks particularly eye-catching. The grey variant is available in a package that has two cables.

The double braided nylon exterior is not just good looking, but also exceedingly durable. These tangle-free cables have a stated longevity of 10000+ bends. The length of the JSAUX cables is quite acceptable at 4 feet. But if you need them longer, you will have to look elsewhere.

best JSAUX auxiliary cable

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4. SMALLElectric 3.5mm 4-Pack Nylon Braided Auxiliary Audio Cable 

These are braided aux cables available in a range of vibrant colors. Each pack contains four individual male-to-male cables, in colors like pink, white, copper, and blue. Looks aside, these multicolor cables also offer excellent value for money. You get four cables for the price of one here.

The performance is also entirely satisfactory. The double braided nylon exterior makes these cables quite durable. These are 5-foot long cables. The company provides a two-year warranty when you buy them.

best smallelectric 3.5mm 4 pack auxiliary cable

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3. Kinps Audio Auxiliary Stereo Extension Audio Cable 

If you want durable male-to-female aux cables, Kinps has several different versions on offer. The shortest is 3 feet long, while the longest measures a whopping 16 feet. The cables have PVC shielding and hard cases for superior audio performance. They are also highly durable.

The cables are available in plain black and chequered black, white and grey patterns. The nylon exterior on these cables feels very durable yet flexible. Kinps offers an 18-month warranty with this third best auxiliary cable.

best kinps auxiliary cable stereo extension

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2. AmazonBasics 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable

Amazon’s in-house brand is quite well known for their affordable and reliable accessories. These aux cables are no different. The wires are black, while the connectors get a generous treatment of metallic silver. Gold plating is of course there as standard, and the performance of this second best auxiliary cable is outstanding.

Amazon offers three length options, 2 feet, 4 feet, and 8 feet. These are male-to-male connectors. They have a beveled step-down design for easy use and convenience. The company provides a 1-year limited warranty along with these cables.

best amazonbasics auxiliary cable 3.5mm

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1. Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable

This is the most popular auxiliary cable brand available online, and the best auxiliary cable on our list. Anker provides excellent performance and durability at a lower price than other brands. The cables have a thick profile that feels quite premium. The wires are very flexible and offer a tangle-free user experience. They are available in two colors: red and black.

The connectors are made from metal for increased ruggedness. The aux jacks have slim extensions to help them connect with most devices out there. The sound quality on offer is excellent, and the friendly customer care also deserves mention. Anker offers an 18-month warranty with these cables.

best anker auxiliary cable 3.5 mm

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Even despite Apple’s best efforts, wires and cables will continue to be a part of our audio listening experience for the foreseeable future. Sure, they don’t offer the convenience of wireless playback, but auxiliary cables are reliable and highly dependable. You can connect them to a wide range of devices out there, both modern and legacy. And since they are so cheap and affordable, there is really no compelling reason not to buy one of these best auxiliary cable options for your car or home stereo system. Do you know of other best auxiliary cable brands that we have not included in this list? Let us know!

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