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10 Best Bottle Warmers in 2018

The bottle warmer is a simple device and helpful for our complicated lifestyles. You can use it for warming milk, heating up food, and sterilizing baby bottles and jars. It is a device that transformed the lives of modern moms, allowing them to feed their babies with warm milk whenever necessary. In this article, we will go through a list of ten best bottle warmer devices and describe their functionality, capacity, design, durability, and other essential features. We hope that this short and data-driven review will help you find the best bottle warmer for you and your budget.

10. Bellababy Fast Bottle Warmer

The Bellababy bottle warmer uses a 150W PTC heating system, which saves energy and time. It is compatible with plastic and glass bottles of all shapes and sizes. You can use it to heat milk and food, but also to sterilize it.

You can choose between three different heating options (45, 75, and 100 degrees Celsius.) The item is made of plastic and features an aluminum heating plate coated with Teflon. This bottle warmer is inexpensive and easy to clean, but it isn’t as durable as some other products on our list.

best bellababy fast bottle warmer

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9. Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

The Avent bottle heater is compact, light, and inexpensive. It heats evenly and gently, circulating the milk during the heating process. It works best with the Philips Avent baby bottle, but you can use it to warm other compatible bottles and jars as well.

It features milk heating, food heating, and sterilizing options. You can also use the defrost option to defrost milk and food. Unfortunately, the Avent bottle warmer doesn’t feature a timer or an automatic shutdown option, which means that you’ll have to shut it off manually according to your calculations.

best phillips avent bottle warmer

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8. Bellababy Intelligent 3 in 1 Automatic Bottle Warmer

The Bellababy Intelligent bottle warmer is used to warm milk, heat up food, and sterilize baby bottles. It is made of food grade polypropene and is free of toxins. It features an automatic shutoff function and an easy to read HD LCD monitor. This eight best bottle warmer is quite wide and compatible with all baby bottle brands.

It has a built-in aluminum heating plate, which is coated with Teflon for more efficient heating and more straightforward cleaning. It heats gently and uniformly, and then retains the optimal temperature, ensuring that your baby drinks the finest stuff only!

best bellababy intelligent 3 in 1 bottle warmer

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7. Bable Bottle Warmer

The Bable bottle warmer features warming, heating, sterilizing, and defrosting modes. It heats quickly and fits 3.5-inch bottles. This bottle warmer also features an LCD monitor that shows the temperature and settings. It has an overheat power-off mode, which you can use to stop overheating.

The Bable bottle warmer is a bit pricey, but not too expensive. It is made of food grade PP and stainless steel, and it meets all US regulations. Aside from the extended durability, it is also highly sophisticated, featuring many useful modes and controls.

best bable bottle warmer

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6. The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler

The First Years device is the best bottle warmer when it comes to cost-effectiveness, because it also contains a bottle cooler. Technically, the cooler isn’t a fully functional cooling device; think of it as a container that passively keeps the bottles cool but doesn’t actively cool them.

The bottle warmer features auto shut-off technology so that you don’t have to worry about achieving the optimal milk temperature. The package includes a basket with a compatible lid which you can use to store pacifiers and keep them sterile.

best the first years night cravings bottle warmer

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5. YOUTHINK Baby Bottle Warmer & Steam Sterilizer

The YOUTHINK multipurpose bottle warmer is one of the most expensive items on our list. It comes with 5 important functions: it sterilizes bottles, it defrosts milk, it warms baby food, it heats formula milk powder, and it also steams eggs.

The YOUTHINK bottle warmer features an auto shut-off function that prevents overheating. You can use it to warm two bottles of milk at the same time, and its LED panel allows you to preset a program before bedtime, so you can save time.

best youthink baby bottle warmer steam sterilizer

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4. Bimirth Baby Bottle Warmer

The Bimirth bottle warmer features warming, heating, and sterilizing function. Like most other devices on our list, it can heat two bottles simultaneously and save some time. It heats evenly and efficiently, and it doesn’t eliminate healthy nutrients.

The Bimirth bottle warmer can keep the milk warm, should you decide to store it for later. It has a built-in thermostat that allows you to control the temperature. It heats rapidly, due to the quality design and engineering.

best bimirth baby bottle warmer

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3. Rokkes Baby Milk Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

The Rokkes bottle warmer is used to sterilize bottles and jars, warm the milk, and heat food. It is well made and sophisticated, featuring an auto shut-off feature and an easy to use control wheel. It was built of food grade PP and is free of BPA.

It warms the milk evenly and gently. This warmer is a bit slower than some other devices, but it does an excellent job at heating the milk and food. It fits almost all bottles, and it arrives with a brush and a bottle clip, free of charge.

best rokkes baby milk bottle warmer

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2. Babebay Baby Bottle Warmer & Bottle Sterilizer

The Babebay bottle warmer features an integrated LCD monitor and can be used to warm, heat, and sterilize. It heats the milk rapidly and evenly, while the LCD screen displays the settings and the temperature in real-time, allowing you to calculate and determine the right time for feeding.

This second best bottle warmer fits all bottle types and can be used for keeping the bottle warm, allowing on-demand feeding. The Babebay Baby Bottle Warmer is made of a heat-resistant PVC and meets all US and EU regulations. It features a non-skid surface, ensuring that your child stays safe at all times.

best babebay baby bottle warmer

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1. Babebay Baby Bottle Warmer

The Babebay deluxe bottle warmer can be used for warming milk, heating food and formulas, and sterilizing the bottles and jars. It features an advanced Babebay anti-dry heating technology, which ensures that the milk and the food keep all their nutritive values. This bottle warmer has an easy to read LCD monitor that displays the real-time temperature.

Its dual bottle design is compatible with most baby bottles. This item is extremely durable and made of toxin-free PP material. It is expensive, but also the best bottle warmer for those who are looking for a durable and sophisticated bottle warmer.

best babebay baby bottle warmer

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Bottle warmers provide unique services that allow parents to quickly feed their children whenever they are hungry. More importantly, they save you the trouble of making baby bottles at 2 a.m., and also keep the bottles and jars sterile and ready to use. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us, and let us know if there is a best bottle warmer that you would like to see on our list.

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