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10 Best Craft Glues in 2018

Craft projects involve a lot of different types of materials, so adhesives designed for arts and crafts need to be incredibly versatile. There are numerous options out there when it comes to such projects. The best craft glue products come in different shapes. There are glue sticks, liquids, semi-solid resins, mouldable pastes, and many more. Most of these are compatible with different materials like plastics, paper, wood, metal, and ceramics, to name a few. Out of a crowded field, here is the best craft glue you can buy online! We review 10 products, looking at their main features.

10. Aleene’s 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue

This is a specialized craft glue capable of bonding a wide range of materials like metal, gemstones, ceramic, and rubber. If you want a capable glue for crafts involving jewelry, this might be the best craft glue for you. The glue comes in a thick gel format. The quick-drying formula is long-lasting, and the glue does not run when applied.

This is a clear glue. It dries quickly and does not leave any stains. One great thing about it is that this is a product made in the United States. Each package contains three tubes of the adhesive. Each tube contains one ounce so that you will get a total of 3 fluid ounces with this pack.

best aleenes 94830 jewlry craft glue

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9. AmazonBasics All Purpose Washable Glue Sticks

This is an excellent general purpose glue that is equally useful at home, in the office, and at school. It can bond different items like paper, cardboard, foam, and much more. That makes this glue stick a perfect choice for DIY projects like scrapbooking. This is a safe and non-toxic product, ideal for kids as well.

Since it comes in the form of a stick, it is easy to use and does not create a mess. If it gets on to your skin, you can easily wash it away. The glue is fast drying and does not stain the surface. You can buy this product in bulk, as it is available in a 12-pack (large sticks), and a 60-pack (small sticks).

best amazonbasics all purpose craft glue

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8. Beacon 314OZ 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue

This is a fast-acting glue perfect for craft projects involving everything from paper to cardboard, fabrics, felt, and more. This liquid formula will create a permanent bond for long-lasting hold. It is a great option for scrapbooking, as well as all kinds of craft projects. As long as you don’t use it for styrofoam, you should be able to get excellent results.

This is a quick drying liquid formula. It is waterproof, so you have to be extra careful when you use it. The Beacon glue is a product manufactured right here in the US. It is acid-free and creates a clear, instant hold. This glue can be bought in 4oz or 8oz bottles.

best beacon 314oz 3 in 1 advanced craft glue

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7. Art Institute Glitter DDCA Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

The Art Institute Glitter glue is one of the most versatile adhesives for craft projects out there. It can be used on anything and everything, from paper to vinyl, acrylic, suede, ceramic, feathers, wood, metal, glass, and rocks, to name a few. The only exceptions for this glue are silicone, wax, and UV treated surfaces.

The formula is non-toxic and acid-free. It dries quickly and does not leave any unattractive stains. This is a permanent glue, so you have to take care when applying it. The product is a clear liquid adhesive, sold in both 2-oz applicator tipped bottles and larger 10oz refill bottles.

best art institute glitter DDCA craft glue

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6. Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish

This is a very versatile product capable of handling three different tasks in your art projects. You can use it as glue to hold things together, apply it as a sealer, or as a durable finisher. The Waterbase sealer contains no acid and is considered non-toxic. It is very safe and easy to use.

This is a quick drying glue with a clear finish. It does not leave any colored stains on your projects. While still wet, you can easily wash this away, but once dried, it creates a long-lasting adhesive effect. The Mod Podge product is available in large 32-ounce jars.

best mod podge waterbase sealer craft glue

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5. Beacon GT4D Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive

The Gem-Tac is a great multipurpose adhesive from Beacon. This one is the best craft glue for the more serious projects involving materials like leather, gems, rhinestones, fabric, glass, metal, or vinyl. The formula is in liquid form and has an extremely quick drying action. Once set, the bond is permanent and very durable.

However, when still wet, you can easily wash it off your skin, so it is quite easy and safe to work with when compared to some other heavy-duty adhesives. All Beacon products are made in the US, and the Gem-Tac is no exception. This clear adhesive is available in 4oz applicator bottles, which you can buy in single, two, or four-packs.

best beacon gt4d gem tac permanent craft glue

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4. Aleene’s 36116 Original Tacky Glue

This is a dedicated arts and crafts glue from Aleene’s. It is ideal for anything from crafts (both kids and adults), DIY, and home improvement. The formula is capable of adhering to a wide range of materials and surfaces. It dries quickly to create a permanent bond.

The chemical odors and gases are very low here, and this is, overall, a safe and non-toxic product. It is also quite easy to clean when wet, as it is water soluble in that form. The tacky glue is sold in 8oz applicator bottles. You can find these in three and six-pack variants online.

best aleenes 36116 original tacky glue craft glue

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3. Sugru Moldable Glue – Original Formula

This is a unique product on our list of best craft glue brands. The Sugru glue is silicone-based and capable of sticking to everything from glass to ceramics, woods, metal, and more. The interesting thing about this formula is that it dries out into a durable silicone rubber, so it is a great option when you want to create a bond or even a seal.

The silicon rubber bond is waterproof, highly resistant to temperatures, and above all, very flexible and shock-resistant. There are numerous craft projects where this product would be useful. As an opaque, glue, this product is available in black and white, as well as colors like green, yellow, and brown.

best sugru moldable craft glue

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2. Glue Dots Removable Dot Sheets

Not all craft projects need permanent adhesives. In some instances, what you need is a temporary glue that is clean and easy to work with. The Glue Dots is the best craft glue for such situations. These are small sticky dots, 0.5inch across in size. They will stick to paper, foam, plastic, metal, and glass.

The best thing about them is that they are removable. You don’t have to worry about drying time, spills, or cleanup. These come free of fumes, acid, and lignin, and are perfectly safe for kids. The soft pastel colored dots are available in value packs that contain up to 600 pieces.

best glue dots removable dog sheets craft glue

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1. Elmer’s All Purpose School Glue Sticks

If you want anything glue-related for home, school, or office, Elmer’s is the go-to brand. They have dozens of different glues on the bestseller pages of online retailers. This all-purpose glue stick is the best craft glue on our list. It is a simple, effective glue that works on paper, cardboard, foam, and similar surfaces.

For basic crafts and art projects, this is a very reliable choice. It dries quickly and without stains, and can be easily washed off your skin as well. Since it is in a tube form, you don’t have to worry about spills, mess, or fumes. Nontoxic and acid-free, this glue stick is perfect for kids. You can buy them in bulk, ranging from packs that contain seven sticks to massive kits containing 30 or 60 sticks.

best elmers all purpose school craft glue

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Pinpointing the best craft glue is a tough task. Your art projects can involve a countless number of different materials, from paper to plastic, wood, and metal, so it is all about finding the right product for your project. Do you have other craft glue suggestions to share with us? Leave them down below.

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