10 Best Dinosaur Toys in 2018

Kids love dinosaur toys. Their strength and size are compelling, their roars, claws, and teeth frightening. In this article, we want to help you choose the best dinosaur toys for your kid. We’ll present you with ten products, handpicked and evaluated by us. Apart from reviewing each product individually (regarding value, quality, ratings), we will also explain why someone should or shouldn’t purchase the toy. The goal of this article is to guide you through the products, suggesting and explaining which toy would be the best for your child.

10. Windy City Novelties LED Light Up and Walking Realistic Dinosaur

We are starting our list with the most inexpensive toy, the WCN dinosaur. This purple “Spino the Dino” toy features green, red, and blue LEDs, for authenticity purposes. Also, the dinosaur moves its jaws and legs, which make it even more authentic. Most importantly, this toy makes roaring sounds, which make it extra realistic, even scary.

“Spino the Dino” is the perfect toy for boys and girls that are 3 or older, especially for those who want an animated 3D toy. It is 12 inches long and 6 inches tall, weighing roughly 14 oz. It is perfect for those who seek an inexpensive and authentic toy. However, keep in mind that it runs on batteries (one pack is included).

best windy city novelties LED walking dinosaur toys

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9. Lydaz Race Track Dinosaur World

Technically, Lydaz Race Track isn’t a (single) dinosaur toy. It is a race track, but a Jurassic-style race track, with dinosaurs, trees, and flexible tracks. It is the second most expensive item on the list; thankfully, the item is frequently on discount.

The toy consists of 2 dinosaurs, trees, slopes, bridges, tracks, cars, and so forth. Think of it as a 2 in 1 toy: if your child likes cars/racing tracks as well as dinosaurs, this is the perfect gift. The item is recommendable for ages 3+. The toy is educational, made of safe and non-poisonous materials, and meets all EU regulations. Most importnalty, it is very entertaining.

best lydaz race track dinosaur toys

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8. Kidwerkz Dinosaur Toys

This German-made dinosaur toy is for children that are 3+ years old. It consists of a T-Rex, an Alamosaurus, and a Triceratops. Essentially, this toy is for kids that like to construct and reconstruct things. The package consists of 106 pieces, which a child can use to make the above mentioned dinosaurs.

The kit also contains a screwdriver and screws (for children, of course). Kidwerkz dinosaurs aren’t merely entertaining – they also help develop engineering, math, science, and social skills among children. It improves hand coordination, motor skills, and patience. All parts are quality-made, lead-free, and phthalate-free. With it also comes a 14-page coloring book, with dinosaurs (of course!).

best kidwerkz dinosaur toys

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7. Boley 12 Pack 9″ Educational Dinosaur Toys

Boley dinosaurs are highly educational and very realistic, made with extreme care and attention to detail. Upon purchase, you receive 12 toys, each featuring unique colors and patterns. The toys are made of flexible vinyl and should endure extensive playing in the backyard.

All Boley dinosaurs are made based on scientific displays and discoveries for authenticity purposes. They are designed for kids that like to imagine worlds and invent their games. We suggest this package to parents whose toddlers and kids are interested in science – these 12 best dinosaur toys might motivate them to become real scientists!

best boley 12 pack educational dinosaur toys

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6. Jet Creations Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jet Creations’ T-Rex is available in two sizes: 37-inch and 60-inch. It is made of heavy-duty vinyl with four color process imprints. Though it looks fragile, the JC T-Rex’s material makes it extremely durable and very realistic.

If the toy breaks, you can repair it with the included repair kit. Unmistakably, Jet Creations’ T-Rex isn’t as entertaining or as educational as other products on our list, but it is very fun. Moreover, some kids don’t want to build their dinosaurs; some kids just want to hold them and enjoy the moment, right?

best jet creations inflatable dinosaur toys

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5. ToyVelt Transport Carrier Megatoybrand Car Truck

If you have a child that is in love with trucks and dinosaurs, the ToyVelt dino/truck kit is a perfect toy for you. It is robust, made of quality materials, and finished with advanced methods. The kit arrives with six dinosaurs and one truck, which holds the dinosaurs.

The truck holds the dinosaurs in the trailer but also has extra slots. These slots can be used to store other toys and save space in your home. Note that the close lids on the side of the truck are transparent/translucent, allowing your child to see the dinosaurs and other toys in the truck.

best toyvelt transport carrier dinosaur toys

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4. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur

What is a best dinosaur toys list without a stuffed animal, right? M&D T-Rex is roughly 30 inches tall and long, and approximately 10 inches wide. It is a relatively large toy, suitable for children of ages 3+. The toy is made of soft polyester – it’s soft but sturdy enough to stand on its own.

This toy wasn’t engineered for educational or learning purposes. Instead, it is perfect for kids who seek a soft dinosaur, one they can sleep or cuddle with. And despite T-Rex’s notorious reputation and sharp teeth, Melissa & Doug still managed to make it look soft and sweet.

best melissa doug giant t rex dinosaur toys

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3. Joyin Toy 18 Pieces 6″ to 9″ Educational Realistic Dinosaur Figures 

Joyin Toy dinosaurs feature a realistic design, movable parts (legs and jaws), and an authentic construction. One package contains 18 pieces, each being 6 to 9 inches long. Also, you receive rocks and eggs as additional toys, which your children can use to come up with stories for their dinosaurs.

Each toy is made of quality vinyl and is hand-painted to enhance the toy’s authenticity. These are the best dinosaur toys for families with several children; after all, there are 18 toys in the package. The product has been certified and is safe to use for children of ages 3+.

best joyin toy 18 pieces dinosaur toys

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2. Prextex Realistic Looking 7″ Dinosaurs Pack of 12

Pretex includes 12 dinosaurs in their package, together with educational content for each of those dinosaurs. These are by far the best dinosaur toys on our list in terms of realism, created to inspire the child’s imagination. If you want your child to learn about dinosaurs through play, Prextex dinosaurs are an excellent grab.

The book included is both fun and educational, featuring creative ways of learning new info about dinosaurs (diet, size, and similar characteristics.) The toys are flexible, made of non-toxic plastic, and painted with attention to detail.

best prextex realistic looking dinosaur toys

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1. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Dinosaur Toy

Did you honestly believe we are going to make a list of the best dinosaur toys without including LEGOs? Well, the LEGO dinosaur toy is suited for children between 7 and 12 years of age. The LEGOs in the kit are used to create three different dinosaurs: T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl.

The package also includes a rib cage (made of LEGOs,) which can function as a leftover from T-Rex’s last meal! If your kid loves dinosaurs and LEGOs, it’s needless to say that you should consider this LEGO Dinosaur.

Why is this toy the first on our list of best dinosaur toys? Well, LEGO toys bring all kinds of benefits to the table: creativity, engineering, fun, patience, versatility, and so forth. LEGOs are also extremely durable, resistant to pressure, and free of any toxins.

best lego creator mighty dinosaur toys

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Final Thoughts

If your child loves dinosaurs, remember that video games, the Internet, and TV cannot replace toys. The best dinosaur toys are 3D representations of dinosaurs, with which your child can sleep, play, learn, and grow. Remember, if you decide to buy a toy from our list, try to match your child’s interest with the toy. For instance, if your kid likes stuffed animals, buy the Melissa & Doug T-Rex; if they like LEGOs, buy the LEGO Dinosaur, and so forth.

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