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10 Best Fabric Softeners in 2018

Everybody loves it when their clothes have a soft and comfy feeling. But you cannot get this with an ordinary wash involving just laundry detergent. Fabric softeners are an optional accessory to your regular laundry load. Available in really affordable packages, these products offer tremendous value. Liquid fabric softeners are the most common and useful option in this niche. They work their magic by forcing the fibers in the clothes to stand, creating a soft and fluffy feel. There are a lot of choices out there, so which is the best fabric softener on the market? Check out our top ten review to find out.

10. Member’s Mark Liquid Fabric Softener

This is a large can of liquid fabric softener with 170 fluid ounces of the stuff inside. It is enough to keep your clothes feeling soft and fluffy for nearly 200 laundry loads. The liquid is very versatile and universally compatible with all types of washing machines.

The bottle design is also very convenient, with a no-mess dispenser built into the lid. This is a scented fabric softener. The fragrance of spring flowers is quite enchanting. The product is available at a bargain price, so it’s the best fabric softener for people looking for an affordable product.

best members mark liquid fabric softener

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9. Purex Sensitive Skin Almond Milk & Aloe Fabric Softener

Purex is a famous brand in the laundry accessories category. This bottle contains a hefty 100 fluid ounces of the softener liquid. Besides its softening abilities, this liquid also has some stain removing power as well. It is also quite capable of removing dirt from clothes on its own.

The liquid is available in multiple scent options, but we particularly enjoyed the almond milk and aloe one, mostly because it is the best fabric softener for sensitive skin. This particular product is more expensive than the previous one, but it is worth the money.

best purex sensitive skin almond milk fabric softener

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8. Ecover Fabric Softener Liquid

This is a slightly smaller package, with the bottle containing 32 ounces of fabric softener. This is an unusual option in this niche, as it is made from plants/herbal products. The liquid formula also contains minerals for effective softening action on your clothes. Even the bottle is made from recycled plastic. This is a very “green” fabric softener.

There are two scents on offer: morning fresh and sunny day. Both smell nice, with fruity and floral notes. Even the fragrances are naturally derived. The entire liquid is biodegradable, and a perfect option for environmentally-conscious buyers.

best ecover fabric softener liquid

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7. Suavitel Liquid Fabric Softener

You can buy this softener in two sizes: a sizeable 135-ounce jar, or a smaller 33.8-ounce bottle. This is a very effective and nicely scented fabric softener. The smaller bottle might be more convenient to pour, as the larger jar lacks a dispenser. But otherwise, these products have no major flaws.

The liquid is available in several scents, like “morning sun,” “sunset rose,” and “soothing lavender.” They all smell fabulous and add a premium feel to your clothes. The small 33 ounce bottles can also be ordered in bulk online.

best suavitel liquid fabric softener

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6. Method Fabric Softener

This 53.5-ounce bottle of high-quality liquid is enough to last you for over 45 loads of laundry. Method is a naturally-derived, scented fabric softener. You can try two different fragrances here: beach sage, or ginger mango. Both offer something different from the usual melange of floral scents you get in this niche.

The formula is hypoallergenic, which makes this the best fabric softener for individuals with sensitive immune systems. The liquid is compatible with all types of washers. The bottles from this brand are also made from recycled plastic.

best method fabric softener

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5. Gain Botanicals Liquid Fabric Softener

This is yet another plant-based fabric softener, this time from the popular Gain Botanicals brand. The package contains two bottles of 44-ounce capacity. The USDA has certified this softener’s formula. It contains 70% plant-based materials. It is extremely gentle on your skin, as it contains no parabens or dyes.

This is a scented liquid, with the fragrance of Lavender and White Tea. It is suitable for all sorts of washing machines.

best gain botanicals fabric softener

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4. Vaska Exceptional Fabric Softener

Vaska is a biodegradable fabric softener formula that can be used on all kinds of fabrics. It is available in a large 42-ounce bottle. One bottle of this softener is enough for over 40 loads of laundry. The liquid softens your clothes without leaving any chemical residue.

It does not cause your cloth colors to run. This is a scented product that leaves your clothes smelling like lavender. Vaska is available at a very affordable price.

best vaska exceptional fabric softener

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3. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Fabric Softener

This is an all-natural fabric softener, containing the highest percentage of biodegradable materials out there. Each bottle of this liquid holds 32 fluid ounces. This particular softener is made up of 99% natural plant materials. It contains essential oils for fragrance and softening action.

The liquid is compatible with all kinds of machines. This is a scented fabric softener available in a honeysuckle fragrance. You can buy this third best fabric softener very cheap as part of the Amazon Add-on program.

best mrs. meyers clean day fabric softener

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2. Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener

This is one of the most popular brands in the business. The Snuggle softener liquid is available in bottles ranging in size from 31.7 ounces all the way up to 95 ounces. It combines long-lasting freshness with excellent static control to make your clothes soft and fluffy. The liquid also has a potent effect against strong odors.

There are two scent options in the Snuggle range: original, and the very popular “spring burst.” A single bottle is enough to last you for over 30 loads of laundry. You can use this liquid safely in both ordinary and HE washing machines.

best snuggle plus super fresh liquid fabric softener

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1. Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner

The Downy liquid fabric conditioner is a firm favorite among customers due to its positive action on clothes, which is why it’s the best fabric softener on this list. You can buy the liquid either in a pouch form or in a 170-ounce bottle.

The 48-ounce pouches are available in combo packs. The liquid formula can protect your clothes against stretching and fading colors as well. The pouch is quite convenient from a storage perspective. It is also quite easy to pour, thanks to the nozzle and cap. This liquid softener has a long-lasting fragrance. The scent on offer is called April fresh.

best downy ultra april fresh fabric softener

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You can find fabric softeners with a regular chemical formula, or with nature-friendly, biodegradable ingredients. Both types are available at highly affordable rates and offer a similar effect on clothes. Some are unscented, while others come in a wide range of fragrances. You can safely choose any of the top ten products featured above and get amazing results. What is the best fabric softener you’ve ever tested? Tell us about it down below.

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