10 Best Fireplace Tool Sets in 2018

best fireplace tool set

A fireplace is a great addition to a home or cabin. But with great comfort comes significant responsibilities as well! Fireplaces require a lot of attention, care, and careful maintenance. Fireplace toolkits are a necessity in any home with a fireplace. However, these kits are not just for functionality. Fireplace tools are often designed tastefully to add to the indoor decor of your home. Here is a short list of the best fireplace tool set options available online in 2018. We talk about their main features and characteristics, to give you an idea of what to expect.

10. Uniflame, F-1311, 5pc Antique Copper Toolset

The Swirl set from Uniflame is manufactured from high-quality wrought iron. The kit includes all the essential fireplace tools: a poker, shovel, log lifter, and brush. As the name suggests, this tool set has a swirling design on the main stand, as well as on the handles of all the tools.

It looks exquisite, especially in the copper finish. The main stand has a very stable four-legged base. This is a very durable and efficient toolkit for any fireplace out there. The design is very classy and timeless, and will be a perfect addition to any indoor decor.

best uniflame f 1311 5pc antique fireplace tool set

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9. Plow & Hearth Tall 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set

This set from Plow & Hearth is made from wrought iron with a black finish. The five-piece set comes with a durable stand and has prongs, poker, shovel, and broom. The Tall set is the best fireplace tool set for homes with larger and deeper fireplaces. Its tools are longer than average, with an increased reach that will allow them to get deep inside the more prominent fireplaces.

The tools have a traditional design, with shepherds crook styling on the handles, and grooved beavertail ends. The stand is very stable, with four legs that flare outwards. The toolset is available in two different finish options. Besides the regular black variant, you can also buy this in an antique bronze finish for a slightly higher price.

best plow hearth tall 5 piece fireplace tool set

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8. Pleasant Hearth FA017TA Mission Style 5 Piece Fireplace Toolset

Instead of the usual wrought iron, Pleasant Hearth has opted for durable steel construction in this toolset. This is a fully equipped set with poker, tongs, shovel, and brush, all on a heavy duty stand. The tools all have a wenge finish, which looks quite classy indeed. The set is available in an elegant black finish.

The stand has a sharp and modern style, and the base is a flat rectangular sheet, which offers excellent stability. This is the best fireplace tool set for both modern and traditional homes. It requires only minimal assembly.

best pleasant hearth fa017ta mission style fireplace tool set

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7. Panacea Products 5-Piece Scroll Top Fireplace Tool Set

The Scroll Top is an incredibly classy tool set made from powder coated steel. This Panacea Products offer includes four tools and a matching stand for your fireplace. The entire set has a very ornate and antique look, with curled edges on the stand and all the tool handles. The whole set has a bronze finish, with a few surfaces coated in classy black.

The tools all have a standard length and look quite durable, The stand has four legs, which also feature the same curved edge design. It is elegant and stable in equal measure. This is a very affordable fireplace toolset manufactured in China. It does not require any assembly.

best panacea products fireplace tool set

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6. Mountain Mike’s Reproductions Antler Fireplace Tool Set

The stand is the main attraction in this unique toolset from Mountain Mike’s Reproductions. It is cast in the shape of a large deer antler, but not made from real antlers. Along with the antler stand, you get a set of three tools: a poker, broom, and shovel. This is the best fireplace tool set for log cabins and other fireplaces that require a more natural decor.

The stand is made from durable resin. It is not real antler harvested from an elk. Even the tools have matching antler handles. This set requires minimal assembly. All you need to put the whole thing together is a single screw.

best mountain mikes reproductions antler fireplace tool set

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5. Uniflame, F-7547, 5pc Satin Pewter Fireset

If you want something more eye-catching than an all-black or bronze set, this is the best fireplace tool set for you. It has a shiny satin finish on both the stand as well as the four tools. Despite the pewter finish, this set has a rugged stainless steel construction. It looks and feels highly durable.

The set includes a stand, brush, poker, shovel, and tongs. All the pieces have a matching ball handle finish. The stand base is flat and extremely stable. This is a classy and elegant addition to more modern indoor settings.

best uniflame f 7547 5pc satin pewter fireplace tool set

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4. Minuteman International Neoclassic 5-piece Fireplace Tool Set

The Neoclassic is a rather stark, minimalist set of fireplace tools from Minuteman International. The set is made from durable metals like bronze and steel. The five-piece set includes a stand, poker, brush, tongs, and shovel. They all have matching tubular handles.

The simple handles feel very comfortable to grip and use. Everything is coated with a sleek black finish. The rack/stand has a very stable base. The base is circular, to match the overall design of the set. The Neoclassic tool set looks very solid and dependable. The overall build quality feels very premium as well.

best minuteman international neoclassic 5 piece fireplace tool set

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3. Lizh Metalwork Middle Ages Knight Cast Iron Fireplace Tool Set

This set looks like it was lifted straight out of a medieval fireplace. The novelty here is the stand, which is made in the shape of an actual medieval knight in a full coat of armor. This is one of the best looking fireplace tool sets out there, period. The entire set has an antique brass finish.

The metal used for this set is durable wrought iron. The knight is standing on a flat pedestal which gives the whole set excellent stability. The tools all have handles with design elements that resemble medieval weapons. If you are a fan of that period, this set is an absolute must-have!

best lizh metalwork middle ages knight cast iron fireplace tool set

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2. Pinty Firewood Log Rack Firewood Storage Fireplace Tool Set

The Pinty set distinguishes itself from the others due to the addition of storage space for logs. The tools are hung on either side of the rack. You get four tools in this set, a poker, shovel, brush, and tongs. The rack is rectangular and has two shelves for maximum storage.

The entire set is crafted from solid steel. Everything is coated with a processed black finish, which looks cool and also adds to the durability. The rack offers excellent ventilation for the logs. You can store an entire season’s worth of wood in there.

best pinty firewood log rack fireplace tool set

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1. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Tool

Like the Pinty set, the best fireplace tool set on this list also includes a log rack along with the four tools. This set can be used either indoors or outdoors. The set is crafted from solid wrought iron, with a painted black finish. If you don’t want the log storage, you can also order the toolset separately.

The tools are hung on either side of the rack, on hooks. They have a stylish curved finish at the handles, the same as on top of the rack, for a matching look. The rack has a robust tubular frame. The base is raised from the floor and offers excellent ventilation. Along with class-leading build quality, Amagabeli also provides a one-year manufacturer warranty on this set.

best amagabeli garden home fireplace tool set

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All fireplace tool sets come with durable metal construction. Wrought iron, steel, and bronze are the popular choices. A few models are available with a storage rack for logs. The majority come as ornate stands with a choice of four tools. Black powder coating is the primary option, but you can also find a few bronze, brass, and pewter finish sets. What do you think? Which is the best fireplace tool set you’ve ever tried?

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