10 Best Food Coloring Agents in 2018

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We add food coloring agents to our food to decorate it and make it look brighter and more appealing. Most of the time, we add them to cakes, frostings, cupcakes, and baked goods, but there are plenty of other ways to use them. In this review, we created a list of top ten best food coloring agents and arranged them according to their quality. We focused on their essential characteristics only, primarily on usability, versatility, price, and decorative capabilities. We hope that this short review will help you find the best food coloring agent for your DIY culinary adventures.

10. U.S. Cake Supply 12 Food Color Chefmaster

The U.S. Cake Supply Chefmaster kit contains 12 colors, which you can use for icings, toppings, and various pastries. These coloring agents arrive in gel form and are resistant to freezing. They disperse immediately upon application and are simple to apply.

These agents won’t ruin your icing, nor will they fade or bleed over time. Since they are very dense, only a couple of drops will do the trick! The product is made in the USA and has been approved by the FDA.

best us cake supply 12 food coloring agent

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9. Chefmaster 8 Pack – Vibrant Food Coloring Drops

The Chefmaster food coloring drops are inexpensive, easy to apply, and dense. The pack includes eight bottles of vibrant colors, delivered to you in gel form. The product is perfect for decorating cookies and cakes, but you can also use it to make DIY bath bomb molds.

The product is safe to use and made in the USA. These have no taste or odor, which is why they are perfect for decorating homemade cakes, cookies, and desserts. The FDA approved this product.

best chefmaster 8 pack vibrant food coloring agent

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8. LorAnn Oils Food Coloring Powder

Made by LorAnn Oils, this coloring powder is the best food coloring agent for decorating non-water sweets. The package includes seven colors, which aren’t as bright as we would like them to be, but you can use them for chocolates, baked cookies, and other water sensitive recipes. Most people use them for making French macarons.

The product is straightforward to apply. Because it isn’t as bright, make sure that you add a lot of it to your mixture. The LorAnn Oils Food Coloring Powder is gluten-free and kosher certified.

best lorann oils food coloring agent

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7. SCS Direct Maddie Rae’s Food Coloring MEGA Kit

The SCS Direct Maddie Rae’s kit contains 24 non-toxic colors used mostly for making edible and vivid slime. This gel doesn’t break nor harden, which makes it the best food coloring agent for making slime. The bottles are also neatly designed, allowing you to measure the quantity very accurately.

The product is safe to use, kosher, and free of gluten. It is made in the USA and approved by the FDA. It doesn’t stain like most cheap coloring agents, and it is reasonably simple to use.

best scs direct maddie raes food coloring agent

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6. McCormick Neon Purple Green Pink Blue 4-pack Food Color

The McCormick food color pack features blue, green, purple, and pink bright neon colors. It is commonly used for coloring eggs, but you can also use it for baked goods and icing. The colors are incredibly vibrant and bright, so you only have to add a few drops (should you use it.)

It will leave stains, which means that you should be careful not to stain your furniture or floors. The bottles feature a drop-by-drop tip, enabling you to add the desired amount of color accurately.

best mccormick neon purple green pink blue food coloring agent

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5. U.S. Cake Supply 12 Color Cake Food Coloring

This U.S. Cake Supply baking set features 12 colors that are dense, edible, and free of gluten. The colors are very vivid and require only a few drops to transform your baked goods. The bottles feature flip-top lids paired with a squeezing mechanism so that you can always add the optimal amount of color.

You can use these gels for toppings, icings, and cookies. They won’t freeze nor break, so feel free to add them on cakes too! The product is made in the USA.

best US cake supply 12 color food coloring agent

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4. Wilton Gel Food Color Set

The Wilton color set contains four bottles of pink, yellow, green, and blue colors. It features a high-density formula, allowing you to add less coloring gel but still achieve the desired decorative effect. The bottles are compact and feature re-seal caps, allowing you to conserve the product.

The Wilton color set is the best food coloring agent for those that seek primary coloring agents for their icings, eggs, baked goods, cake batters, and so forth. The colors are incredibly bright because they are made of quality ingredients only.

best wilton gel food coloring agent

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3. AmeriColor Food Coloring Student Kit

The AmeriColor student kit contains 12 bottles of superior and super bright colors. You can use it for icings and toppings due to its sturdiness and resistance to breakage. It doesn’t stain, but it is still potent and requires only a few drops to transform your food.

The product is tasteless, FDA-approved, gluten-free, and Kosher certified. The set is a bit pricey when compared to others on the list, but it is well worth getting, considering its quality, durability, and simple application. The bottles are also quality made and will conserve the agents for an extended period.

best americolor food coloring agent

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2. Good Cooking Food Coloring Liqua-Gel

The Good Cooking set includes 12 bottles filled with premium coloring gels. Due to their high density and durability, you can use these gels for complicated DIY icings and toppings without the fear of breaking or falling apart.

The bottles feature an advanced droplet design that gives you complete control over the measuring, allowing you to achieve the same results over and over again, which is perfect if you want to make identical food. You can also use it for making slime because of its vivid colors and high density.

best good cooking food coloring agent

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1. Wilton Icing Colors 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color

The Wilton Icing Colors set transforms your food without actually changing it or ruining the taste. The package includes 12 cans of gel-based colors that are perfect for people who want to make frosting and batter. To apply, just use a toothpick or similar tool, dip it in the gel, and then in the food.

This best food coloring agent is cost-effective, certified kosher, gluten-free, and made in the USA. You can make your own custom sets by mixing these gels and creating unique birthday cakes or cupcakes! Both experienced and inexperienced cooks can use this product due to its simple application and enormous potential.

best Wilton icing colors 12 count gel based food coloring agent

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Making your own icings, frostings, or slime is fun and creative, especially if you do it with your kids. This article shows that coloring agents come in many shapes and sizes, allowing you to decorate your DIY food according to your ideas and preferences. Do you have a best food coloring agent you want to tell us about? Let us know in the comment section below.

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