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10 Best Heat Guns in 2018

Sometimes, you need a blast of hot air to get some jobs done! Heat guns are your go-to tools in these instances. They can do anything, from stripping paint to shrinking film/tubing/wrap packaging. The best heat guns can also be used for drying wood, and various softening and thawing projects. These are tools that have a use in industrial, home DIY, and laboratory settings. There are numerous options available on the power tools market, from known names to smaller brands. Check out our handy top ten reviews to figure out what the best heat gun available online in 2018 is.

10. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit

When you face a situation where you don’t have ready access to a power outlet, the Milwaukee M18 is the best heat gun you could wish for. This is a compact heat gun with a very portable wire-free design. It uses Li-ion batteries to power the system.

Sure, the heat gun is an energy hog, and you will need multiple batteries to get through large projects. But when portability is a necessity, this is one of the better options out there. The heating coil inside can deliver temperatures up to 875F. You get two nozzle attachments as part of the small kit.

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit

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9. BLACK+DECKER HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun

This is a dual temperature heat gun from the renowned power tools brand. It can deliver either 750 degrees on low mode, or 1,000 degrees on high. This is a wired tool, so you will need to plug it into a power source to get the heat flowing. The device has a stand built into the frame, which will be useful when you want to leave it to cool down.

The overall design is compact and lightweight. The dual setting increases the versatility of this gun. You don’t get any extra accessories for this product.

BLACK+DECKER HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun

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8. PowRyte Dual-Temperature 1500-watt Heat Gun

This is a cheap but powerful heat gun from PowRyte. Like the Black+Decker, this one also has a dual heat setting. On low, you get 572 degrees, while on high it touches 1,000 degrees, like the HG1300. This is a versatile heat gun that can be used for a variety of tasks.

This is a corded heat gun. The design is very ergonomic and lightweight. One major attraction of this kit is the number of attachments you get. PowRyte provides four separate nozzle attachments. These include a cone nozzle, fishtail surface nozzle, spoon deflector, and glass protect nozzle.

PowRyte Dual-Temperature 1500-watt Heat Gun

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7. Dewalt D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun

The D26960K is a heavy duty heat gun from the famous black and yellow liveried brand. This is an advanced product with an LCD display. Instead of two heat settings, you get incremental heat control. You can adjust the temperatures by 50 degrees, between 150 and 1,100 degrees.

Thanks to its wide range of heat settings, this is one of the most advanced and versatile heat guns out there. This is a wired heat gun that comes with a well-stocked kit. You get numerous nozzle attachments and other accessories in the kit.

Dewalt D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun

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6. Hitachi RH650V Heat Gun

The green and black shaded heat gun from Hitachi is the best heat gun for you if you want an advanced heat gun with LCD. This product is often available at a discount. There are five different speed settings to choose from on this heat gun. It also provides incremental temperature control, between 120 and 1,200 degrees.

There is a handy rapid cooling feature on this tool to quickly reduce the heat to 120 degrees. And yes, this powerful heat gun has a corded design. The Hitachi kit you get is pretty well stocked with nozzle attachments and other accessories.

Hitachi RH650V Heat Gun

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5. Cartman ProTect 1500W Dual Temperature 9-Piece 2-Speed Heat Gun Kit

This is a very affordable general purpose heat gun from ProTect, ideal for home users and DIY enthusiasts. As a basic device, you get two heat settings: 750 degrees and 1,000 degrees. At those temps, this is the best heat gun for thawing and stripping paint jobs. This is a corded power tool capable of removing multiple layers of paint.

It is quite well built and it feels durable. The ergonomics are also spot on, and you can wield this tool safely and comfortably for extended periods. The toolkit is another highlight of the ProTect heat gun. You get nine attachments and accessories in a handy carry case.

Cartman ProTect 1500W Dual Temperature 9-Piece 2-Speed Heat Gun Kit

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4. AIKOU 1800W Adjustable Temperature Power 110V Hot Air Heat Gun

This is the best heat gun for people looking for an energy efficient solution. Due to the double-layer insulation material that makes up the chimney fan, this heat gun saves energy and ensures the tip of th gun won’t be damaged by high temperatures.

It comes with adjustable temperature: 140-842°F for step one and 140-1202°F for step two. The double heating wire leads to fast heating, and the gun’s design makes it easy to use and keeps users away from potential burns.

AIKOU 1800W Adjustable Temperature Power 110V Hot Air Heat Gun

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3. REXBETI Dual Temperature Heat Gun

The Rexbeti is the best heat gun for users who need one for various different projects because it comes with 7 attachments for heat-shrinking PVC tubing, shrink and vinyl wrapping, adhesive or paint removal, soldering and desoldering, preparing the barbecue and grill, as well as heating frozen pipes.

The gun features a 6-foot power cord, so you can drag it with you all around your work area without having to plug it in a different outlet. It is comfortable to hold due to the non-slip rubber handle, and it can reach a maximum temperature of 1,210 degrees Fahrenheit.

REXBETI Dual Temperature Heat Gun

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2. Wagner Spraytech 0503059 Furno 300 Heat Gun

The Furno 300 is the lowest specced heat gun from Wagner Spraytech in their Furno range. The lineup also includes the more powerful Furno 500 and Furno 700 models. The 300 has two heat settings: 750 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has two fan settings to control the air flow. There is a cool down mode to rapidly bring down the temperatures when needed.

This is a compact and lightweight corded heat gun from Wagner Spraytech. The overall build quality is quite decent, considering the price point. There are an integrated stand and hanging loop for secure storage. You don’t get any accessories with this kit.

Wagner Spraytech 0503059 Furno 300 Heat Gun

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1. Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

The sleek grey heat gun from Genesis is the best heat gun on our list for a good reason. This is a simple yet powerful heat gun with dual settings and a 12.5 Amp motor. On the low end, you get 750 degrees, while on high, this gun provides double that at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it a very versatile corded heat gun.

The rocker switch has three positions for all the temperature controls. It is effortless to grip and comfortable to use for extended periods. The versatile Genesis heat gun comes with multiple nozzle attachments, including deflectors, reflectors, and an air reduction nozzle for concentrated heat.

Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

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There is plenty of choice in the modern heat gun market, with prices ranging from $20 on the cheap side to over $100 on the premium segment. If you are not a professional, then affordable heat guns like the Genesis should be sufficient. However, big-name brands like Hitachi and Dewalt offer more control for professional tasks, at a much higher price point, of course. The best heat gun for you depends on your projects. Leave us a comment down below sharing your thoughts on the products we reviewed here.

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