10 Best Ladders in 2018
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10 Best Ladders in 2018

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A ladder is an essential item in every home. Buying a firm and durable ladder should be one of the buyer’s primary goals when looking for the best ladders. Ladders come in different shapes and sizes, and the choice depends on how much weight it can support, and the length of your home. Online retailers have a broad range of ladders to choose from, ranging from extension ladders, stepladders, telescoping ladders, and step stools. The list below presents the ten best ladders on the market, based on user reviews and ratings.

10. Little Giant Ladders 14013-001 Model

The 15ft ladder can hold up to 250lbs. The manufacturers use heavy-wall, aircraft-grade aluminum in its construction, making it one of the most durable ladders on the market. It provides multiple configurations, which include a 90-degree ladder and a scaffolding system, making it ideal for multipurpose use. Additionally, the ladder has a triple-locking hinge, thus providing maximum safety while working on any ground.

Little Giant 14013-001Model 17

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9. Ollieroo EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

This Ollieroo ladder is the best ladder for limited spaces, and can hold a weight capacity of up to 330lbs. It has 12 steps, six on each side, with a one-foot increment, providing a total 34” X 19” folded size, and an extended length of 12.5 feet. The ladder comes with a unique and excellent locking system that has thumb button clicks, to allow smooth and effortless extending and collapsing of the ladder. The rivets at the foot of the ladder protect the user from any accidents.


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8. Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type II Home Series

This type II ladder has a length of 12.5 feet, and can hold a weight of up to 225 pounds. The manufacturers use industrial grade aluminum that allows it to retract compactly, as opposed to most telescoping ladders. The lightweight ladder has an integrated carrying handle, and a closure for easy portability.

Extend &Climb 770P Ladder

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7. Cosco 8-Foot Signature Series Step Ladder

The 8-feet type 1A ladder can hold up to 300lbs. It comes with trays that hold the tools and materials you need, and a paper towel holder to hold cloths. The ladder has a one-hand lock and a carrying handle that make it easier to transport, and allow easy folding. This is one of the best ladders when it comes to stability while working.

Cosco Signature Series Ladder

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6. Little Giant Ladder Systems Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems has the best ladders on the market. This particular model is super light, and comes with a slim aluminum frame that allows easy portability. It also features wide rungs, and a huge standing platform that provides safety and comfort while climbing. The folded length is 64 inches long, allowing easy storage for people with limited space. It has acquired a 4.8-star rating, and 1,089 customer reviews.

Flip-N-Lite 6-Foot Step Ladder

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5. Louisville Ladder L-3016-06 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Stepladder

The manufacturers of this ladder use aluminum when building it, which makes it have a load capacity of 300 lbs. The A-angle ladder has slip-resistant rubber on all four feet, to provide sure footing and enhance toughness. Every step has semi-tubular steel rivets to improve the sturdiness, strength, and weight bearing capacity of the ladder.

Louisville Fiberglass Ladder L-3016-06

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4. OxGord Aluminum Folding Scaffold Work Ladder

The folding scaffold ladder has a load carrying capacity of 350 lbs. The ladder’s folded height is 3.33ft, and 22.5 ft while extended vertically. One unique thing about this product is its adaptable features that allow use in seven different ways, including the 90-degree step, augmentation step, A-casing, platform, staircase, telescoping, and twin stepladder. It is one of the best ladders for accessing uneven surfaces. The added hinges lock in place effortlessly once you unfold the ladder.

OxGord Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder

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3. RRT Light Weight Multi-Purpose 12′ Aluminum Ladder

This is one of the best ladders for indoor family use, or different outdoor activities. The product, which is developed and certified to meet European standards, contains stabilizer bars that allow better adjustment during use. The manufacturers treat the ladder with 6063 aluminum alloy, to prevent any corrosion. It holds a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, and it is easy to fold during storage.

The Light Weight 12-Foot Multipurpose Ladder

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2. VonHaus Steel Folding Portable 4 Step Ladder

This VonHaus ladder has four side steps, and the progression step comes with an agreeable handle for easy climbing. The non-slip rubber treads on the four feet provide a good grip on various floors, while the lightweight material used in the construction allow for easy transportation. The compact size of the ladder provides convenient storage and transport options. The steel development used on this ladder provides excellent quality and strength, for a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs.

VonHaus Steel Folding 4-Step Ladder

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1. Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool

This 200 lbs capacity ladder contains three plastic steps and a soft comfort grip. Users can fold the ladder after use, which makes it ideal for anyone with limited storage space. The three and two-step ladders are some of the best-selling and best-rated ladders, and this is one of the most reliable options on the market.

Rubbermaid RM- 3W

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Cheap ladders may bend or break, causing fatal injuries, or even death. Therefore, quality comes first during the purchase of a ladder. This list of 10 of the bet ladders you can purchase is meant to help you find the one you need. Share your views on the products on this list, and include any other products that you think are worthy of being here, but that we might’ve missed. We look forward to reading your comments!

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