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10 Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin in 2018

Detergents that leave your skin itchy can be very frustrating. Normally, you just want to do your laundry and retain the initial comfortable feel on your hand. Sometimes, laundry detergents may contain chemicals that affect sensitive skin types. If you have had issues with detergents that react with your hands or the rest of your body, perhaps you should find your best laundry detergent for sensitive skin. Below, we review 10 such options, looking at their main features and use.

10. Tide PODS Free & Gentle HE Turbo Laundry Detergent Pacs

Best Tide Laundry Detergent Pods for Sensitive Skin

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This is one of the best laundry detergents for sensitive skin because it is medically tested. Therefore, you can have extra confidence that your skin will remain unharmed, even after washing your clothes with this detergent. Below are some of its most relevant features:

  • It is hypoallergenic, tested by dermatologists, and recommended for sensitive skins
  • It is dye and perfume free
  • Comes in a 3-in-1 pack encompassing a detergent, stain remover, and clothes brightener
  • Each pack provides a deeper cleaning effect while maintaining gentleness on the skin
  • It is laundry sensitive, so it does not harm your clothes either
  • Package options: 1 laundry pack for medium loads, 3 large packs for large laundry loads
  • Dissolves swiftly in both cold and warm water

9. All Mighty Pacs Laundry Detergent

Best All Mighty Pacs Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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This is a medically approved detergent suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, it is unscented and contains no dyes, thus being perfect for sensitive skin types. You can always be assured of a non-residual one-time clean wash with this detergent. See some of its most interesting features below:

  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Safe for the whole family to use
  • 100% free of perfume and dyes
  • It is unscented
  • Compatible with almost all fabric softeners
  • Washing machine safe
  • One pack can be used for up to 134 loads of laundry

8. Seventh Generation Natural 4x Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Best Seventh Generation Natural 4x Concentrated Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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Do you love plant-based products? Then you will definitely love the Seventh Generation Natural detergent. It combines the power of stain removal with bio sensitive formulas that will always leave your skin soft. If you are a stone cold plant lover, then this could be your best laundry detergent. Here are its main features:

  • Has a powerful triple-enzyme formula that is perfect for stubborn stains
  • It is a clear hypoallergenic detergent
  • Made without dyes, synthetic fibers, or perfumes
  • Contains no optical brighteners
  • EPA safer choice certification
  • USDA certification for bio-based products
  • 96% made from plant-based ingredients
  • One pack cleans up to 106 loads of laundry

7. All Liquid Laundry Detergent

Best All Liquid Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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If you want to make sure your detergent is safe for children, this is the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin to start with. Alongside being recommended by pediatricians, this detergent is safe for young and sensitive skins. Additionally, it is ordourless, making it a great option for allergy issues. Protect your child’s skin and nose by using the mild All Liquid laundry detergent! Read more about its features below:

  • Free and clear for sensitive skin
  • Recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • One pack cleans up to 62 loads of laundry
  • 100% free of perfumes and scents
  • Compatible with washing machines
  • Safe with any water temperatures
  • Tough on stains
  • Mild on the skin

6. Amazon Brand – Presto! 96% Biobased Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent

Best Amazon Brand Presto Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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Presto combines the power of plant-based enzymes to deal with tough stains and still maintain a mild effect on your skin. This product has not yet been specifically tested on animals, so be careful if you need to use it on your pets. Below are some of its most interesting features:

  • Powerful plant-based enzymes
  • Tough on stains
  • 96% bio-based ingredients
  • Does not contain perfumes, scents, and artificial fragrances
  • USDA certified
  • Takes less shelf-space
  • Up to 53 loads of laundry for a 40 oz pack
  • Gentle on skin
  • Not tested on animals

5. Molly’s Suds Unscented Laundry Detergent Powder

Best Mollys Suds Unscented Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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Apart from being mild on your skin, this product is made purely from earth-derived ingredients. Being made from natural plant products makes this detergent one of the best alternatives for vegans out there. You can read more about its features here:

  • Natural laundry soap for sensitive skin
  • Super concentrated natural formula for tough stains
  • Contains a pretreatment of stains formula
  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • For all types of fabric except leather and silk
  • Washing machine safe
  • Cleans perfectly with no residual suds
  • Produced from earth-derived ingredients
  • Has passed cruelty and vegan certification

4. Rebel Green Natural Laundry Detergent

Best Rebel Green Natural Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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This is a great choice for someone who loves natural aromas. The peppermint and lemon aromas are breathtaking, and will help make your cleaning routines enjoyable and comfortable. When it comes down to it, this would be the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin, especially if you are a vegan. Here are its defining features:

  • USDA certified organic
  • Plant-based formula
  • Enriched with essential oils
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Lightly scented with a combination of peppermint and lemon
  • 64 oz enough for 64 laundry loads

3. Dreft Purtouch Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Best Dreft Purtouch Baby Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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Newborn babies and young children have very young and sensitive skins. Therefore, you want to use the mildest of all detergents for their laundry. Trust the Dreft Purtouch baby laundry detergent to do just that. Read more about it below:

  • Mild on children’s skin
  • Appropriate for infants and newborn laundry needs
  • Removes 99% of baby food stains
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic

2. Natural Laundry Detergent

Best Natural Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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This brand (Shabby Chick) is totally safe for your pet. It is great on the mild skin type that most domesticated animals have. So, you can always feel free to use if for pet-related laundry and when doing kids’ laundry. We compiled a list of its best features below:

  • Clinically tested for cruel chemicals
  • 100% naturally formulated
  • Nontoxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for pets and kids
  • Has therapeutic essential oils

1. Dropps HE Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent Pacs

Best Dropps HE Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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The Dropps HE detergent is packaged in an eco-friendly pack. This allows you to enjoy the mild benefits of this detergent as you help preserve the environment. Below, you can find more information on our best laundry detergent for sensitive skin top pick.

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Chlorine-free
  • Washing machine safe
  • Natural, with environmentally-friendly ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Recyclable packaging


The best laundry detergent for sensitive skin should be clinically tested, contain no chemicals, dyes, chlorine, or other harmful ingredients. Always remember to check the label for your own confirmation before purchasing a detergent. What’s the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin you’ve ever tried? Let us know down below.

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