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Best Laundry Hamper: Top Picks in 2019

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Investing in a high-quality laundry hamper can simplify your laundry routine and help prevent accidentally ruining your favorite blouse or shirt. When searching for the right laundry hamper, there are many factors to consider, such as storage size and style. In our article, we’re going to review 10 of the best laundry hamper options, looking at their main features and specifications. We rank our selections based on popularity and user reviews.

10. Handy Laundry Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper

With one of the lowest purchase prices of any product on our list, this is one of the best laundry hamper choices currently available. This is a mesh type laundry hamper that is designed for convenience and affordability.

Best Laundry Hamper Handy Laundry Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper

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When not in use, you can easily store the hamper flat to reduce space. In addition, it’s suitable for both men and women, due to the wide range of style choices. Due to its small size, it’s a top pick for college students who are new to dorm life as well.

9. SONGMICS Heavy-Duty 4-Bag Rolling Laundry Sorter Storage Cart

SONGMICS offers an excellent laundry hamper for consumers who are part of a bigger family. Containing four individual laundry bags, it allows you to quickly and easily sort laundry. In addition, each bag can be taken out separately, and it comes with a convenient handle as well.

Best Laundry Hamper Songmics Heavy Duty 4 bag rolling laundry sorter cart

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The base of the laundry hamper has wheels that make it remarkably easy to move around. It’s also very easy to assemble, since it includes all of the required tools. As far as styles go, it’s available in black or brown.

8. Sorbus Laundry Hamper

The Sorbus laundry hamper features a classic design that is still quite affordable. One of the things we like most about this hamper is that the interior is divided. This makes this product the best laundry hamper for couples and individuals who prefer to keep their colored clothes and white clothes separate.

Best Laundry Hamper Sorbus Laundry Hamper

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The hamper also has a convenient lid that keeps your laundry out of sight for when company is around. When it comes time to wash your clothes, you can easily pick up the entire hamper using the handles located conveniently on each side.

7. Lamont Home Carter Upright Wicker Laundry Hamper

The Lamont Home laundry hamper is an excellent choice for powder rooms and other areas that benefit from a low-profile design. Made from wicker, this laundry hamper is built to last, and it is also quite spacious.

Best Laundry Hamper Lamont Home Carter Upright Wicker Laundry Hamper

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The lid is finished with a soft vinyl covering that is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge. As for style choices, it comes in five different neutral color tones. Our only complaint is that it’s a bit more expensive than some of the newer choices that are available.

6. Merdes 19.7’’ Waterproof Foldable Laundry Hamper

Storing used bathing suits and towels that are wet is never fun. Fortunately, the Merdes laundry hamper is designed specifically for these types of items. It features a completely waterproof design that keeps your wet clothes from ruining your floors.

Best Laundry Hamper Merdes 19.7 Waterproof Foldable Laundry Hamper

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It’s also collapsible for easy storage as well. The top of the hamper has two reinforced carrying straps for convenience. In addition, this laundry hamper comes in eight different decorative styles.

5. Seville Classics Handwoven Lidded Laundry Hamper

With four different handwoven wicker patterns to choose from, the Seville Classics laundry hamper is a stylish choice that complements both traditional and modern home decor styles. The hamper also includes a hinged top that keeps your dirty laundry out of sight as well.

Best Laundry Hamper Seville Classics Handwoven Lidded Laundry Hamper

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The thing that we liked most with this particular product is that it comes with a removable linen liner. This liner keeps the inner wicker clean, and can be washed separately too. The only downside is that this hamper doesn’t have any carrying straps.

4. BGTREND Double Laundry Hamper Bag

If you’re concerned about not having enough space to store your dirty laundry, you may want to check out the BGTREND laundry hamper. The inner liner has a divider for keeping your whites separated from your colored clothes for easy sorting.

Best Laundry Hamper Bgtrend Double Laundry Hamper Bag

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Another really nice feature of this best laundry hamper is the exterior side pocket. It’s an ideal place to store small bottles of detergent as well as fabric softener sheets. However, the best thing about this laundry hamper is the extra durable carrying straps.

3. Simple Houseware 4-Bag Heavy Duty Rolling Laundry Sorter Cart

The Simple Houseware rolling laundry hamper combines both convenience and efficiency in one product. With its rolling design, it’s very easy to move from your common area to the laundry room.

Best Laundry Hamper Simple Houseware 4 bag heavy duty rolling laundry sorter cart

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We also like that there are four individual laundry bags in this hamper. This makes it an excellent choice for sorting laundry each day, as well as for big families. Each bag can be taken out and carried independently using the convenient carrying straps.

2. Rubbermaid Flex ‘n Carry Laundry Hamper

With its massive 2.2 bushels carrying capacity, the Rubbermaid Flex ‘n Carry is our second best laundry hamper choice. The most unique thing we noticed with this particular laundry hamper is that the handles are flexible, to allow for more freedom of movement.

Best Laundry Hamper Rubbermaid Flex n Carry Laundry Hamper

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When you’re done carrying your laundry, it simply snaps back into its original place. It comes in two different style choices that fit nicely in most modern color schemes. The only issue we have with it is that it doesn’t have a lid to keep your dirty laundry out of sight when company is over.

1. Whitmor Round Commercial Laundry Hamper

With its heavy wheels, the Whitmor laundry hamper is extremely easy to move from room to room. It comes with easy to follow assembly instructions, and the only tool that is required to put it together is a Phillips head screwdriver.

Best Laundry Hamper Whitmor Round Commercial Laundry Hamper

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The inner layer of the laundry hamper is protected by a removable cloth liner. Due to the security straps on the sides, you don’t have to worry about the liner slipping into the hamper when it is full either. Overall, this is the best laundry hamper to consider.


If you’re still looking for the best laundry hamper, consider checking out one of our recommendations. They come in a wide range of styles, and most of them are quite affordable too. If there is a laundry hamper that you feel should be mentioned, tell us about it in the comments area.

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