10 Best RC Helicopters in 2018

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Even though quadcopters are becoming more and more popular, many kids and adults still prefer flying a radio-controlled helicopter. RC helicopters are cool and fun, granting you and your kids hundreds and hundreds of hours of entertainment. In this review, we’ll provide you with the list of top ten RC helicopters and describe their usability, maneuverability, durability, and sturdiness. We hope that this concise and data-packed article will help you find the best RC helicopter for you.

10. Velocity Toys Hornet V388 Electric RC Helicopter

The VC Hornet V388 is one of the most expensive items on our list. It is fully functional and able to fly in all directions (remote controller included). It flies with the help of one main coaxial rotor and one rear rotor. The product also arrives with a hook and basket, which you can use to carry goods.

The VC Hornet V388 is made of light metal and features a gyroscope for simpler flying. It also features flashing LED lights which are quite visible due to the item’s black frame. This RC helicopter requires 6 AA batteries.

Hornet V388 Electric RC Helicopter

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9. Helizone Lightning Bird WL V911 Remote Control Helicopter

The Helizone V911 helicopter is very agile and fast, thanks to its lightweight design. It comes without a remote controller, which is why we recommend it to people that already have a remote. And even though it is light and highly maneuverable, it is still sturdy enough to withstand minor falls and shocks.

It requires no adjusting or assembly; just unbox it, insert the batteries, and take it for a spin. The V911 is also one of the fastest helicopters on our list due to its light aluminum body.

Helizone Lightning Bird helicopter

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8. VATOS RC Helicopter

The VATOS RC Helicopter features a beginner-friendly gyro that stabilizes the helicopter. This helicopter is tiny and light, recommend for indoor flying only. It features a Polypropylene frame, a powerful motor, and a balancing pole that stabilizes the copter in the air.

VATOS RC Helicopter meets all US and EU standards, and is safe for you and your children. The product arrives with the remote controller, which you can also use to charge the helicopter (aside from controlling it.) You can also charge it with the USB cable.

VATOS RC Helicopter

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7. GearRoot Flying Ball Remote Control Helicopter

The GearRoot RC Helicopter is the perfect toy for kids due to its simple navigation system. It is tiny and fragile but features an Induction Mode that allows super easy flying. You can also use the included remote controller to accelerate the hovering.

This helicopter features a cartoonish design, which is why it is the best RC helicopter for your kids. However, we can’t recommend it to serious hobbyist due to the cheap construction and a lack of maneuverability.

GearRoot Flying Ball Remote Control Helicopter

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6. GPTOYS Remote Control Helicopter

The GPTOYS RC Helicopter is fit for indoor and outdoor use, and it arrives with a remote controller. It features red and blue LED lights, making it the best RC helicopter for those who seek a police-like helicopter. It features a built-in gyro which stabilizes the helicopter in mid-air.

It meets all US regulations and is made of robust but flexible plastic. The GPTOYS RC Helicopter requires no assembly, allowing you to dive into the game immediately. The controller gives you a lot of power over the unit, featuring an on and off switch, a throttle stick, a rudder stick, left and right sticks, and a balance control button.

GPTOYS Remote Control Helicopter

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5. NiGHT LiONS TECH WL Large V912 4CH RC Helicopter

The NiGHT LiONS is exceptionally flexible, perfect for those who would like to fly an RC helicopter for the first time. It is pretty long, which is why we recommend that you operate it outdoors. This item also features very bright LED lights that allow you to navigate the unit in the dark.

It features the latest Gyroscope technology, which stabilizes the helicopter in the air. The unit is recommended for kids that are more than 14 years old.

NiGHT LiONS TECH helicopter

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4. Sky Rover Gravity Z Helicopter

The Sky Rover helicopter is sturdy and easy to fly thanks to the high-tech motion-sensing controller. The controller features a tilting technology; when you tilt the controller up, the helicopter will go up, when you tilt it down it will go down, and so forth.

It also features an Auto-Take off function which makes it easier for the beginners to fly the helicopter. There is also the Smart Hover mode which hands the control over to the helicopter. We recommend it as the best RC helicopter for both beginners and experienced pilots due to its amazing flying controls.

Sky Rover Gravity Z 3 Channels

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3. Haktoys HAK303 Infrared Control 3.5 Channel 9” RC Helicopter 

The Haktoys HAK303 is incredibly stable and easy to fly. It features ultra-bright white and blue LED lights, which make it look like a police helicopter. This helicopter has a built-in protective metal frame that will prevent significant damage should you crash it.

The product arrives with a remote controller that features an infrared control technology. According to the manufacturer, you should fly this item indoors due to short range IR frequency. If you navigate it outdoors, make sure that it isn’t under direct sunlight because the UV lights may break the communication between the controller and the helicopter.

Haktoys HAK303 helicopter

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2. Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

The Syma S111G also features infrared control technology, which is why you should use it indoors. This helicopter is sturdy, thanks to the professional-grade design and high-quality material. It flies very smoothly and is simple to control; the kit includes the remote controller.

It might not be the best RC helicopter for experienced pilots because it sacrifices forward speed for stability. You have to assemble it before using it, but this shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the simple and clear instructions. The product is extremely durable and flexible, which is why it is one of the best RC helicopter options for beginners.

Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

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1. Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter

The Syma S107G is the best RC helicopter on our list, featuring a durable metal frame, an advanced gyro system, and the IR control (for indoor use only!). It is tiny and lightweight but sturdy enough to resist crashes and shocks. This helicopter has a fantastic stabilizing technology, which is why it is perfect for inexperienced pilots.

It is agile and fast, but still features an excellent navigation system that gives you full control over the unit. The product arrives with a remote controller and can fly as soon as you unbox it.

Syma RC Helicopter

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One of the best things about modern RC helicopters is that they are incredibly cheap and entertaining, for kids and adults alike. Also, most RC helicopters on our list are perfect for beginners because they feature advanced flying technology, built-in gyros, and protective metal frames. What is the best RC helicopter you’ve ever tested out? Is it on our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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