10 Best Spy Cameras in 2018

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Out in public spaces, surveillance cameras help keep us safe from criminals. Thanks to affordable technology, now you can use modern surveillance devices right inside your own home! They can be used as an anti-burglar device and more. If you have kids at home, these cameras will help you keep an eye out for any mischief. The same is also true if you have any elderly relatives in your household. For instance, if they have dementia or Alzheimer’s, a spy camera will help you keep a protective eye on them. Here are the best spy camera options in 2018, ranked and reviewed.

10. Enji Mini Hidden Wireless Spy Camera

This is a compact video camera with a very unobtrusive design. It can either be used as a stationary device, or as an action camera on your person. The device is capable of recording HD video. It has a built-in microphone to capture sounds as well.

If you want to use a spy cam in the dark, or in low light situations, this might be a good choice. Six IR LEDs surround its lens for night vision. To view the recorded images, you must connect the camera to your PC with a USB cable. You can get 35 minutes of recording at 1080p.

enji spy amera

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9. VOUO Mini Spy Camera

The spy camera from VOUO is shaped like a small cube. It has an ultra-portable design. You can capture 1080P HD video with this camera. It provides 155-degree wide angle view. It has night vision capabilities with two Infra-red LEDs.

The recorded images are stored on a Micro SD card. Maximum 32GB is supported. One great feature of this camera is motion detection. A built-in Li-ion battery powers it. You can keep this camera hooked up to a power source for continuous operation. Otherwise, you can get around 80 minutes of footage on a single charge. The VOUO camera is waterproof and can be used as an action cam, even underwater.

vouo spy camera

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8. DareTang 1080p HD WiFi Clock Hidden Camera

This is a neat little spy camera disguised as an alarm clock. It has an actual working digital clock with a 12-hour system, with the camera hidden in the clock face. Advanced features include motion detection and night vision. Due to the alarm clock, this camera is perfect for a bedroom or living room setting.

The camera can shoot full HD 1080P videos. Thanks to the large size, it has a 2000mAh battery inside. The images are stored on an SD card inside. The camera has a feature to send a notification to your smartphone when the motion detector is triggered. This eight best spy camera connects to your network using the home WiFi.

daretang spy camera

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7. Conbrov Spy Camera

This camera can be held between your thumb and forefinger; it is that tiny. The device has a cube shape and is smaller than a matchbox. It has a clip and magnetic bracket that allow you to attach it pretty much on any surface. This can be used discreetly inside your home or office.

If you have home WiFi, you can live stream the images to your smartphone using a dedicated app. Otherwise, the photos are stored on a microSD card. Using the motion detection feature, the camera will send instant alerts to your phone, along with snapshots. The night vision feature allows this camera to shoot at night, or in the darkness. Due to the small size, you can only get 960p video quality with this device.

conbrov spy camera

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6. SharpCam Spy Pen

Many popular spy cams use a pen to stay invisible out in the open. The SharpCam product is the best spy camera of this kind. The concealed lens on top of the pen clip is capable of shooting 1080P videos and 1440P full HD images. This camera can shoot automatically using motion detection if placed in a stationary position. It has a loop recording to save data storage.

A compact 260mAh battery powers the device. You can shoot around 75 minutes of 1080P videos with a single charge. To view the footage, you have to plug the device into a PC using a USB cable.

spy pen

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5. PNZEO W3 Mini Spy Camera

The PNZEO camera is smaller than your thumb, yet it can shoot 1080P and connect to a WiFi network. The wireless capability allows you to view the live footage remotely, on your smartphone. They have a dedicated app to support this feature.

The camera supports high capacity micro SD cards up to 128GB in size. You can shoot very long videos with this camera. The files can be remotely accessed and downloaded using WiFi. This camera does not have an onboard battery due to its advanced features. It can be hooked to any power source using a USB cable.

pnzeo spy camera

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4. Spy-See Hidden Spy Camera Wall Charger

The Spy-See camera looks like an innocent wall charger adaptor. This is an ingenious design that allows the camera to hide in plain sight. It plugs into any wall outlet, and can actually work like a regular phone charger as well! The hidden lens on board can shoot 1080P videos.

Thanks to the WiFi support, you can view the surveillance video in real time, using the Remote View app on iPhone or Android. As for onboard storage, the camera supports high capacity microSD cards, up to 128GB in size. Since it is already plugged into a power outlet, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out either!

spy see hidden camera

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3. Aobo Hidden Camera

The tiny Aobo camera has a round shape and is small enough to fit between your thumb and forefinger. This is a WiFi-enabled spy camera. You can live stream the footage to your smartphone using the dedicated app. The footage is saved on an SD card.

The camera has a 150-degree wide angle lens, capable of capturing 1080P video at 30fps. MicroSD cards up to 128GB capacity are supported. The camera can shoot in the dark thanks to its night vision feature, enabled by IR LEDs that do not glow in the dark. You could even use this third best spy camera as an aerial action camera on a drone.

aobo spy camera

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2. Ispycam Safari Special Edition 1080P HD USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

This is the second spy cam on our list of best spy camera options to opt for a wall charger disguise. Its function and features are quite identical to the other device above. You get 1080P recording capabilities with this Safari camera. It is effortless to use, with a plug and play functionality.

What it lacks is a WiFi connection. The footage is stored on the device in an SD card. To view the contents, you have to connect it to your PC. This camera does not support remote viewing. But on the plus side, it is cheaper than most other cameras that have WiFi support.

safari special edition camera

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1. MCSTREE Wireless WiFi Clock Camera

This alarm clock spy camera is one of the best selling spy cameras on the market. It has an excellent feature list that makes it a competent and popular device. This is a Full HD camera with WiFi support. The wide-angle lens has a 150-degree field of view. Looking at it, you cannot detect the camera hidden inside. It looks like a simple digital alarm clock.

Live streaming via WiFi is supported, using a dedicated app on your smartphone. Night vision and motion detection allow this camera to alert you when you are away from home. Advanced features include all-time recording, snapshots, 4x digital zoom, adjustable resolution, looping, and Sync with App Time.

MCSTREE spy camera

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Spy cameras come in different shapes and sizes. Some have to be kept in discreet locations, while others hide in plain sight, disguised as a charger, pen, or alarm clock. Most support HD 1080P recording, and many also come with night vision and motion detection. WiFi connectivity is usually a premium feature. Have you found the best spy camera for you on our list? If you have other suggestions, make sure to share them down below.

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