10 Best Star Projectors in 2018

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Starry night skies are truly enchanting. But in our busy, modern life in the city, we don’t often get the chance to unwind under an open sky filled with stars. Though it can never compare to the real thing, a star projector is an excellent tool for setting the mood inside your home. These handy devices project a starry sky onto the ceiling and walls of your rooms. There are numerous products in this category available online. Here are 10 contenders to the title of best star projector in 2018, ranked and reviewed.

10. AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector

This is a remote-controlled star projector ideal for use in kids rooms and nurseries. With a built-in speaker and 128MB memory inside, you can listen to soothing music. This is a great sleeping aid even for adults. The lights can be rotated by the full 360-degree arc. This device projects a crescent-shaped moon and numerous stars in different shapes and colors. It has an efficient and silent rotation action.

Advanced LED technology powers the device. The remote control allows you to operate this device from afar, and the built-in timer allows you to save on energy consumption once you fall asleep. The device does not project a realistic image of the night sky. It does, however, create an enchanting night sky effect full of whimsy.

ananbros star projector

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9. Hontry Multiple Colors Star Light Rotating Projector

This is an oval-shaped device that does double duty as an attractive night light/decoration, and a star projector. The device has an option to switch between four colors- white, blue, red, and green. With a silent operation, this rotating light projector is the best star projector for use in bedrooms and nurseries. Its bright projection of a starry sky can liven up any room, for parties as well as more intimate occasions.

The light also has a lanyard. This means that you can also hang this somewhere. The light can be used outdoors as well, inside a tent or treehouse. There are removable covers on the light. The inner cover is for the star projector, while the outer cover on its own makes the light function as a regular night light.

hontry star projector

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8. Lumitusi Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector Night Light

Le Petit Prince has illustrations from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous book “The Little Prince” on the side. This device does not look very flashy at first glance, but once you turn off the lights and switch on Le Petit Prince, you will see the difference.

This is a simple star projector that creates an array of stars on your ceilings and walls. It has a very gentle and warm effect on the room ambiance. There are four soothing color options – orange, blue, green, and an auto-switching mode as well. The device has a very simple touch-based activation and control system. It is securely built and can be safely placed near small kids. Small AAA batteries power the device.

lumitusi star projector

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7. MOKOQI Night Lighting Star Moon Projection Lamp

The Star Moon Projection Lamp is an oval shaped lamp from MOKOQI. Like some other popular models in this genre, this one too sports a removable outer cover. You can convert the device from a night light to a projector and back by removing the cover.

Five buttons handle controls on the base of the device. It has four separate modes: steady white light, multicolor mode, rotating function, and a timed setting. The timer can be set for anywhere from 5 to 995 minutes. This projector can be powered using AAA batteries. You can also plug it into a power source like a computer, laptop, or power bank using a USB cable. The soft light from this best star projector is safe for nurseries. It supports three different colors – red, green, and blue.

mokoqi star projector

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6. Adoric 361 Night Lamp

The Adoric 361 is a dome-shaped lamp/projector with a flat round base. This is a very versatile star projector with eight unique modes on offer. The device comes with a blue, pink, or black base. The color of the base does not affect the performance of the projector. The night sky projected by this lamp on your ceiling will be full of stars and a crescent moon. You can cast stars in a single color – white, red, blue, or green. There is also an option to cast multiple colors simultaneously.

The controls are handled by three buttons. One button is for warm white light, while the other two handle the multicolor and rotation functions. Like the other best star projector machines reviewed above, the Adoric can function with either AAA batteries or a USB charging cable.

adoric star projector

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5. SCOPOW Colorful Constellation Star Sky Kids Night Projector

The SCOPOW night light projector looks very elegant clad all in white. This is an advanced star projector designed for use in kids rooms and nurseries. It comes with an LED timer and a host of other advanced features. Among the four color options, you get the usual blue, red, and green, as well as a yellow tint. You can have all colors active at the same time for a genuinely vibrant sky image.

With a quiet rotating base, this projector can create calming visual effects in any dark room. It can also be used to set an intimate and romantic mood for dinner dates. The device gives you the option to use either AAA batteries or your USB charging cable to power it. The LED time can be set between 5 and 95 minutes. If you plan to use this fifth best star projector as a sleeping aid, this is a handy feature indeed.

scopow star projector

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4. ANTEQI Baby Lights 360 Degree Romantic Room Rotating Cosmos Star Projector

Regarding appearance and design, the ANTEQI light looks virtually identical to the SCOPOW device. The ANTEQI is available in black, blue, and white color options for the base. This projector creates a vivid, albeit not a realistic depiction of the night sky on your ceiling. It is ideal for nurseries, wedding and birthday parties, and romantic dates. It has a rotating function that works virtually silently.

Overall, the device looks very compact and cute. It can also be used as a decorative night light if you prefer it like that. The power options are flexible, with both AAA batteries and USB charging supported by default.

anteqi star projector

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3. ANTEQI Sun & Star Lighting Lamp

There’s virtually nothing to differentiate the top products in the best star projector category online. The best sellers all share a common design footprint, with almost identical features. The Sun & Star lamp is a reflection of this trend. It has all the features we have already reviewed in the two lamps that sit at positions four and five. One difference is the availability of more colorful bases, with blue, pink, purple, and rose black among the options.

The three control buttons can be used to switch between the different modes on this star projector. You can pick either warm white light, single color, or multicolor feature, along with an option for a
rotating night sky. All other features are the same for these lamps.

anteqi star projector

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2. SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector

The SOAIY Soothing Aurora does manage to stand out from the variety of best star projector options with its unusual design. Instead of a smooth dome, this projector has a prism-like design on the top. And unlike other lamps that project stars and the moon on the walls/ceiling, this one adds vibrant northern lights as well.

You can also use this device as an attractive night light. To activate the projector function, you have to remove the exterior cover. There are three brightness levels on offer, along with a choice of three different dominant colors.,One major attraction in this device is the presence of a speaker. You can plug in your iPod or MP3 player and listen to your favorite playlists while staring at the Aurora on your ceiling. The base can be tilted to 45 degrees to adjust the projection placement. The device also has a rotation feature.

soaiy star projector

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1. Cloud B Twilight Turtle Plush Nightlight Projector

This is hands down the most adorable and best star projector we have ever seen. It is in the shape of a cute and fluffy sleeping turtle. The projector lights are positioned on the top of the shell of the animal, which of course, has an appropriate dome-shape.

The designers deserve top marks for their ingenuity. The projector is the ideal choice for a nursery or kids room. In fact, it looks attractive enough for any room in your house. The turtle will project a full night sky on to your ceiling and walls. The color options include green, blue, and amber, all in very soothing shades. The device also supports a 45-minute timer. It is powered using three AAA batteries.

cloud b star projector

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Star projectors are great as a sleep aid for kids as well as adults. They come with LED technology and modern features like timers and remote controls. Some models even have inbuilt speakers for relaxed music playback. Have you found the best star projector for you in our review? If you have other suggestions, leave us a comment down below. What is the best star projector you’ve ever bought?

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