10 Best Wall Clocks in 2018

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So, you finally decided that it is time to buy a new wall clock? Wall clocks are super valuable because they tell time and decorate the place, turning an empty wall into a piece of art. However, you can’t just buy any wall clock, because you have to think about its price, design, and other characteristics. This review features a list of top ten best wall clocks. We focus on quality, durability, and design, because we want to provide you with a concise and data-packed article. But let’s not waste any more time and focus on the task at hand, shall we?

10. thehaki Decorative Wall Clock

You can buy the wall clock from TheHaki in six different colors, allowing you to match it with your home, office, or classroom decor. This clock features a modern and minimalistic design that is compatible with most contemporary homes. The clock is very lightweight, which means that you can hang it on your wall with just a bit of adhesive tape.

This wall clock is silent and non-ticking, which is why it fits nicely in bedrooms, offices, and classrooms. It is made of EVA material and artificial crystal. It doesn’t contain glass and is safe for children; feel free to hang it on the classroom wall.

thehaki wall clock

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9. The Big Clock Store Galway Black Wall Clock

The Galway wall clock is available in eight sizes, from 10 inches to 48 inches. This clock features a silent quartz mechanism that doesn’t produce any ticking noise. Each Galway clock is handmade in the USA.

Also, the company provides an unbeatable lifetime warranty should anything occur during shipping or for as long as you own it. The clock is expensive, but also of very high quality; it is a solid wood clock with an imprinted face, not a cheap sticker face!

the big clock store wall clock

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8. Travelwey Home Wall Clock

The Travelwey wall clock is silent, simple, and inexpensive. Its simple design matches all rooms, and the non-ticking feature allows you to hang it in your office or classroom. The digits are bolded and clear, enabling you to tell time from a great distance.

The clock is accurate (Quartz mechanism), thin, and lightweight. It will fit perfectly in your kitchen, office, or bedroom. The Travelwey Wall Clock is one of the least expensive products on our list of best wall clocks, perfect for those that seek an affordable and simple option.

travelwey wall clock

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7. Plumeet 12-Inch Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock

The Plumeet wall clock is silent, simple, and inexpensive. It features slender and clear numbers that are deployed within a 12-inch frame. Its design is minimalistic and elegant, perfect for living rooms and offices. The clock is made of ABS and glass.

Its glass is transparent at all times thanks to the anti-fog mechanism. The hands are black and made of metal. The clock’s quartz mechanism is accurate and silent. The product also arrives with an included wall mounting hook.

plumeet wall clock

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6. A.Cerco 19″ Large Decorative Wall Clock

The A.Cerco wall clock features a unique design and a smooth and silent clock mechanism. Its retro, industrial theme design is perfect for people who want an original wall clock. While it is durable and beautiful, it is also one of the most expensive items on our list of best wall clocks.

The metal frame is sturdy and resistant to shocks and oxidation. The numerals are made of plastic and are installed at the end of each point. They also feature a chrome finish, which gives them a nice shiny effect. The manufacturer suggests using the carbon-zinc battery due to its low and consistent current.

a.cerco wall clock

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5. La Crosse Technology UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock

The La Crosse Technology wall clock is the most expensive item on our list. It is made of stainless steel and receives a WWVB time signal to tell time accurately. It features two antennas and catches the signal when most other atomic clocks can’t.

The stainless steel features an elegant silver finish, which is why it will blend nicely with modern furniture. This clock is highly sophisticated because it features both an automatic and a manual time setting (quartz), as well as an on/off Eco mode that saves battery life.

la crosse technology wall clock

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4. Plumeet Large Number Wall Clock

The Plumeet Large Number wall clock features a minimalistic design with black frame and white numerals. The frame is 13 inches in diameter and made of ABS. The clock is quiet and non-ticking, featuring extra large 3D digits that you can see from all angles.

The clock’s hands are made of metal and are powered by a quartz mechanism. This Plumeet wall clock also features an installation kit which helps you install the clock effortlessly. This clock is one of the best wall clocks for offices, classrooms, and libraries.

plumeet wall clock

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3. Adalene 13 Inch Large Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock

The Adalene wall clock features a plastic 13-inch frame finished with a bronze aging effect. It has a rustic and elegant design that fits nicely in libraries, living rooms, and offices. The clock is silent and non-ticking, featuring beautiful black hands and black Arabic numerals displayed on the white face.

The transparent cover is made of sturdy acrylic crystal, which is an excellent glass substitute. Due to its bronze finish, the Adalene wall clock matches nicely with black and brown furniture.

adalene wall clock

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2. Hito Modern Silent Wall Clock

The Hito modern wall clock tells time but also measures temperature and humidity. The product is available in various color combinations with different frame finishes and face colors. The one we reviewed had a silver frame and a black face; it also had white, red ,and blue hands (for telling time, temperature, and humidity).

The frame is made of light and sturdy aluminum that is resistant to scratching and oxidation. It features a glass cover that enables you to tell the time clearly and easily. Note that the temperature and humidity counters aren’t as accurate as professional grade counters.

hito wall clock

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1. DreamSky 10 inches Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Wall Clock

The DreamSky wall clock is the best item on our list of best wall clocks; it is accurate, inexpensive, and beautiful. The frame and face are made of plastic, featuring a modern and simplistic design. Its mechanism is silent and non-ticking, which is why you can mount it in classrooms, libraries, offices, and homes.

The numerals are large, allowing you to tell time from a considerable distance. The clock’s hands are black and in 3D, allowing you to tell time from all angles. You can buy this clock in black, navy blue, or pink frame.

dreamsky wall clock

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Wall clocks are handy timekeeping tools, for they allow us to tell time effortlessly and conveniently. Moreover, selecting the best wall clock for your room can decorate and beautify the place. What did you think of our list of best wall clocks? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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