10 Best Water Guns in 2018

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A water gun is a simple and fun toy that allows you and your children to partake in water warfare games. But even though the toy itself is rather simple, the decision to buy the best water gun can be rather difficult. We want to help you make the right decision, so in this article, we will take a look at ten water guns and describe their design, durability, and overall quality. The goal is to help you find the best water gun for the best price without wasting too much of your time, which is why this review is short but packed with useful data.

10 Liberty Imports Set of 12 Double Shot Water Squirt Guns

The Liberty Imports pack consists of 12 short squirt water guns. It is one of the least expensive items on our list, perfect for people who seek a package of water guns for large family gatherings and celebrations.

The guns are light and compact and will fit in any bag. Six guns are transparent, and six are solid. Also, six of these guns are single-shot, and six are two-shot. The Liberty Imports water guns aren’t the most durable or sophisticated toys on our list, but they can still give you hours of fun!

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9. Liberty Imports 4-Pack AK47 Water Gun Squirt Shooters

This Liberty Imports pack features four AK 47-inspired water rifles, two yellow and two green. The package is inexpensive, perfect for people who seek affordable water guns. The gun has a relatively stiff trigger, which might cause issues for kids that are less than six years old.

The guns don’t leak and are excellent for the close range water combat. They aren’t that durable but are well worth obtaining due to the unique AK-style design and low price.

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8. Water Sports The Original Stream Machine Water Gun

Water Sports water guns feature a classic (some would say an old-school) water gun design. They are a bit pricey, and you only receive two Water Sports guns, but they are well-made and have a 70 ft range. These water guns are durable and feature a smooth and sophisticated water ejecting mechanism.

The gun reloads quickly and is the best water gun for people who want to eliminate their enemies in a water combat game. They work well with saltwater too, but you should try to avoid using it for the sake of the item’s durability.

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7. Neliblu Squirt Guns Party Favors

The Neliblu package contains 24 guns and is an excellent choice for people who want to create a water combat party in their backyard. The guns fill smoothly and easily and are brightly colored, which is why you can spot them in the grass easily.

They are tiny and hold very little water. The package includes various guns, such as cowboy revolvers, space guns, standard 9mm guns, and so forth; if you seek a variety pack for a low price, this is the best water gun for you.

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6. Stream Machine QF-2000 35-Inch Water Launcher Gun

The Stream Machines are 36 inches long and can eject the water up to 70 ft. This gives you a range advantage in water combat games, but it has a long reload time due to the extended water barrel. You can submerge the barrel in water for a quicker reload.

This gun is made of quality materials, and features imprinted colors that don’t wear or peel. It is fit for kids that are over eight years old. Also, beware not to spray it in someone’s eyes during close range battles.

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5. Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

The Nerf water soakzooka can hold 55 ounces of water and delivers quite a massive water blow. It is a bit expensive because you only receive one Nerf soakzooka, but the product is quality made, sturdy, and durable. It is fit for kids that are 7+ years old.

It has a long reload time, but it will give you unmatching power and the range advantage over your water enemies; after all, it’s not a gun, it’s a soakzooka! The handle mechanism might feel stiff for younger kids, but that’s just the nature of this fifth best water gun, not a design flaw.

Nerf Soakzooka

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4. Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

The Nerf Super Soaker is a high-quality water gun, fit for kids that are 6+ years old. It is made of quality and toxin-free materials, which is why it is sturdy and resistant to shocks and scratching. It has a 22-ounce capacity and a max range of 34 feet.

The Nerf Super Soaker shoots five streams of water, thanks to the included Nerf Blaster. This pump action water shotgun is the best water gun for close corner water combats. The product is made of eco-friendly and child-safe materials.

Nerf Super Soaker

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3. JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Blaster High Capacity Water Soaker Blaster

The JOYIN water gun holds 25 ounces of fluid and can shoot up to 36 ft in the distance. It features a smooth pumping mechanism that doesn’t jam or break even after extensive use. The gun is made of thick plastic and meets the requirements of US regulatory agencies.

This toy is easy to use and reload, granting you hours and hours of non-stop water action. One JOYIN pack contains two water guns; these water guns are fit for kids that are 6+ years old.

joyin water guns

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2. Nerf SUPERSOAKER Zipfire

The Nerf SUPERSOAKER package includes three quality made guns that are made of safe materials. The max range on these guns is 20 ft. They can’t carry a lot of water but are easy to reload and carry in your bags. These water guns feature a trigger-based water ejecting mechanism.

The Nerf SUPERSOAKER water guns last for a long time and should grant you hundreds of hours of fun and enjoyment. This package is also an excellent option for kids that are excited about enacting water warfare games because the SUPERSOAKER can come as an excellent close-range sidearm.

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1. ICatch 25 Assorted Water Squirt Guns

The ICatch package includes 25 water guns of different colors. They may not be the largest water guns, but they are the best in what concerns the quality-price ration. You don’t pay that much for 25 water guns perfect for a kids party.

They are colorful and easy to use by kids of all ages, and the water pressure is just right. Despite the relatively cheap plastic, the water guns last an intese water fight without major problems. Plus, since the pack contains 25 water guns, if one of them breaks, it’s not such a big deal.

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A water gun is a perfect toy for hot summer days and by-the-pool water games. And it’s not just a cool toy for kids but adults too, allowing you to spend quality time with your children that they’ll never forget. Make sure that you buy the best water gun for your child’s age. Also, feel free to share your thoughts regarding our list and your favorite water gun toys down below.

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