This Privacy Policy sets forth the privacy terms, conditions, and practices the BestReviewsInfo Website uses in connection with the personal data and private information of Users.


In this Privacy Policy, the terms below are used with the following meanings:

  • “BestReviewsInfo,” “we,” “us,” “our” refer to the Owner of the BestReviewsInfo Website.
  • “You,” “your” mean any and all users, viewers, visitors, and readers of the BestReviewsInfo Website.

User Consent

Users should note that any use of the BestReviewsInfo Website is considered as an implicit agreement to this Privacy Policy. In this respect, we recommend all Users to read this Privacy Policy carefully, and be informed about the types of data we collect, as well as the means we employ to store and protect such data.

Privacy Policy Updates

Users should also note that this Privacy Policy may be updated periodically, for various objective reasons. By continuing to use the BestReviewsInfo Website, you express your implicit consent to the latest updates and changes made to the Privacy Policy. We advise all users to revisit this page as often as possible, to make sure they are up to date with the latest potential changes.

Types of Collected Information

Personally Identifiable Information

Whenever you leave a comment on the BestReviewsInfo Website, or you send us a message, we collect two of your personal information, namely full name and email address. Users are under no obligation to provide their real name and/or email address. They can use an alias if they are not comfortable using their actual personal information.

Moreover, if any user desires, at any time, for their information and comments to be deleted, they have to send a request at In no more than 30 days, all your personal information (full name, email address) will be deleted.

Non-personally Identifiable Information

On this website, we also collect non-personally identifiable information, which cannot be used to identify you. This type of information is only used to improve the user’s experience on our website. We collect, store, and use this information in accordance with the current laws and regulations, and respecting our users’ legal rights.

Uses of Collected Information

The BestReviewsInfo Website collects personal data in order to answer any questions, concerns, or issues Users might have. Non-personally identifiable information is used to improve and better customize Users’ experience on our website.


The BestReviewsInfo Website uses cookies to analyze Site Usage and create customized responses. We place cookies whenever you browse the BestReviewsInfo website, in order to adapt your browsing to your preferences.

Traffic log cookies are used to identify the pages accessed by you. This data is collected and used for analytics. Cookies are not connected to personally-identifiable information.

You can disable the cookies installed on your device at any time, simply by changing the settings of your browser. However, keep in mind that some functions of the website might not be available to you if you disable cookies.

Log Files

The BestReviewsInfo Website uses log files: IPs (Internet Protocol Addresses), ISPs (Internet Service Providers), type of browser, landing and exit pages, time and date stamps. Log files are not related to personal information. The log files are used to monitor the behavior on our Website, and improve your use of the BestReviewsInfo Website.

Third Party Links and Ads

The BestReviewsInfo Website displays third-party links and ads with the purpose of adding relevant information and further coverage to our topics. For instance, BestReviewsInfo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which you can learn more about in our Terms of UseUsers must be informed that these third-party websites are governed by different Privacy Policies.

Thus, we are not liable for any data disclosure, loss, or damage that might arise from accessing third-party websites. We strive to offer our Users quality and relevant information in a secure environment.

Users should note that this Privacy Policy applies only to the BestReviewsInfo Website and its pages. Under no circumstance does this Privacy Policy apply to third-party or affiliate websites, which are governed by their own Privacy Policies. Whenever you use a link on our page to go to, you have to be aware of Amazon’s Privacy Policy.

Data Security

The BestReviewsInfo Website uses a variety of standard industry means and processes to collect, store, and protect personal data and information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions related to the BestReviewsInfo Website Privacy Policy. You can find the contact details on the Contact Us page. Thank you!